Lego Ferris Wheel & Lego Trains

In the past I have offered and responded to a few posts regarding "ride-related toys" and I happened to find out that Lego now has an operational Ferrish Wheel and have long offered train sets.

Most of my collections are about Rokenbok and K'nex, but have any of you purchased or used these items?

The Ferris Wheel is a stand alone model, but I was very surprised to see the extent of the trains that people have built. (There are quite a few cool videos on Youtube and I learned that there are even regional clubs dedicated to Lego trains, layout and acessories.)

Even after calling the company, I am having a tough time explaining the advantages and disadvantages of buying the 9 Volt models or the radio controlled (RC) models - as they are not always interchangable.

Do any of you have experiences with these toys and would allowing 6th graders to build and use this system be eduational?

I would appreciate any comments about this - as I really know nothing about it.

Have a great day!

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I've some really impressive Lego displays in person complete with trains, an amusement park, and a recreation of the Columbus, OH skyline. I haven't paid a lot of attention to the Lego World in recent years so I'm not sure if the amusement rides I saw were an original creation or part of a Lego kit. I suspect they were original because of the size and level of detail. Most of the Lego kits I've seen in the past weren't that elaborate.

I think Lego can be very educational, and appropriate for 6th graders. Cost could be an issue. It takes a lot of pieces to really build something cool.

Having grown up with Lego, Lincoln Logs and Erector sets, I can say they are very educational.
It's surprising the things I learned without even realizing i was learning anything at all.
I wish i would've had Rokenbok when i was a kid. I love playing with those in toy/hobby stores.

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Milrace - - - > Can I ask if your trains are the 9 Volt or the Radio Controled?

Do you have a preference?

FlyingScooter - - - > Rokenbok is a very cool system. I only wish the range of the transmitter was longer. They describe it as having a 12 foot radius. I would love for the device to cover an entire gymnasium. If you add more transmitters you don't increase the range. Instead you tend to send confusing signals to the mini robots.

Yes it is expensive, (MOst quality toys are) but quite duarable.

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Rich: I don't have either one! I have the very old 1.5 V train system where one car carried a couple of C cells, and the only control is an on/off switch.

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