Lee's first coaster trip pt 3: Cedar Point!

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Sunday, July 28, 2002 10:53 AM
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Well the main purpose of my coaster trip was finally here! We left Ft Wayne and headed out to Sandusky and Cedar Point!

Due to some navigational mistakes, it took us a long time to get there. Eventually we made it and headed back to the Soak City lot to park. We went in the gate by Magnum, and headed first to MF, to get our Freeway. When we got to the Freeway booth, we were bummed to see that they wereout of stamps. SO, we went ahead and hopped in line. An hour later, and we were on our way.

Millennium Force - WOW! Okay, I knew to expect a lot from this coaster and it really delivered. The height was incredible. The lift was crazy fast, although I was kind of disappointed because the anticipation is greatly reduced going up. Over the top and down we go. I felt like we would never stop falling. The rest of the ride is just a blur, but I remember it being extremely fast with a couple of pops of airtime. This ride is definately a winner and easily took the number one spot on my list. Overall - A+

Then we walked around the back side of the park through the frontier area. We weren't interested in getting wet, so we skipped the water rides. This brought us to the CCMR. We boarded the back seat of this ride with no wait. Soon we would figure out why. I'm all for a good mine ride, but this is not it. Fairly dull with lots of straightaway track. Not much by way of excitement. I'm beginning to think that perhaps the mine train at SFoG is one of the best. Overall C.

After CCMR, we decided to take a break for my friend Wendy. She's pregnant and couldn't do many rides. She saw the train and decided we should ride it. Away we went. The first part of the ride with the skeletons was kind of cute. Nice and relaxing ride. Overall, B.

Then came the ride I was dreading the most, Mean Strak. I have heard so many things about hopw bad this coaster was, rough, slow, boring...Well some of that applied on my ride. We had a short wait in the stations with perhaps the most fun crew we would see that day. The had us doing the wave, looking for single riders to get on of the girls a date...:) Very fun. Up the hill we went and my BF started wondering if everything at CP was so darned high. Over the top we went and down the first drop. "WEEEEEEEE..Ohhhhhhh." That brake is perhaps the lamest thing on a coaster ever. After that the ride ran like a scenic railway, providing nice views of the lake, but little else. I did not find this ride rough at all. It was very smooth and forceless on me. Any of you that want a rough ride, come down and ride the Georgia Cyclone. That is a rough ride, but in a good way. With some speed I'm sure Mean Streak could be great. Overall B-(thanks in part to the great crew)

We continued to make our way around the back of the park, hitting Gemini next. Blue side of Gemini - very fun ride. First racing coaster, and a lot of fun due to the great ride crew. Nice interaction, slappng hands on the slow turns. Fun speed, a little airtime, and some great headchoppers make this a great ride. Overall B+

We took another break here for some fries from the happy friar. MMMM good fries. While sitting there, one of the employees came up and talked to us. Very nice. I don't think at any park has anyone just come up to me and starting chatting to make sure I was having a good time. WhHile at the park I noticed how most of the employees were college students form other areas. Had I known about that I would've worked at CP every summer. Ah well, I can pass the wisdom on to relatives and friends' kids as they approach that age.

Next on the circuit was Magnum. Ready for the first hyper ever we headed to the entrance only to find that the ride was down. DOH! We figured we'd head back to it as we left since we parked over there anyway. Onward to Power Tower. My friend Wendy wanted to go see the Snoopy Rocks show then, so we skipped Power Tower, adding it to the list of rides for the way out. OvVer to the theater, to find that the show was still 45 minutes away. Off we went to Iron Dragon - since there was no line at all...

Iron Dragon was my first suspended coaster, so I was looking forward to the new experience. Boy that first half needs some work. If the whole ride were like the part after the second lift, it'd be much higher on my list. Neat ride, but mostly boring design. Overall C+

Next we headed over to the Cedar Downs carousel to race some horses. This was a fun carousel...nice speed, plus the fun of the racing motion. Even more fun since I won and got the grand prize - Dippin Dots! Mmmmmm

Now it was time for the ice show so we went and took our seats. At first I was glad only for the air conditioning, but as the show went on, I enjoyed it more and more. I'm glad they pulled some of the numbers from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. That added to the fun for me, being a huge theater fan. Snoopy rocks was fun and I reccommend it to everyone! A

Okay, the back of the park was mostly done so we headed to the front. We took the skyride to the front part and headed over to Wicked Twister. Down. DOH! Not even anyone standing around near it, so we figured it was down all day. Oh well, it gives me something to look forward to on my next trip.

Since we were right there we went to Disater Transport. The air conditioning in the line was nice, but the effects were pretty sad. We got to our car and hopped in. Away we went on our little ride. The ride was fun, but nothing memorable. Now I've ridden a bobsled coaster. I'll be skipping it on future visits. Overall C

Over to the other side of the midway stood Raptor. I was really looking forward to this, since B:TR is one of my favorites. About a 20 minute wait to board. The crew there seemed to be pretty high stress. They were kind of yelling at each other to move it move it move it! We hopped on and secured the restrains quickly so as to not incur their wrath. The ride was a lot of fun. I like the pacing of it pretty well. This ride gives you a chance to recover between elements. The helix at the end was phenomenal! Great ride, good inversions, but not as intense at Batman due to the pacing. Overall A-

Back behind Raptor stood the little woodie that could - Blue Streak. We hopped on after a one train wait. We had a fun ride with some good airtime. Very nice woodie, and I think people walk past it because it doesn't strike as a very imposing ride. Great fun, though. Overall A-

Well with all that done, we were ready to head back to the back and hit Magnum and PT. As we left, we got to PT, and hopped in line. We were the next to get on when a big thunderstorm with lots of lightening rolled in. So, they had to close the ride. DOH! We ran to Magnum just to see if it possibly would be open. No, it wasn't.

After accepting the fact that these 2 would have to wait for the next trip, we headed out.

What a great park this is. I understand now the CP Aura that is spoken of so much. As we drove home, we started making plans for our next trip to CP. We might make it out there for one of the Halloween weekends. If not, definately next year! Overall for the park A+!!!

Next up, the final stop, Holiday World.

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Sunday, July 28, 2002 11:31 AM
Good TR. Iron Dragon is very tame compared to other suspended coasters. You need to try Top Gun at PKI.

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Sunday, July 28, 2002 11:40 AM
If you think that SFOG mine ride is the best, you'll have to try ours, alot of people say Adventure Express at PKI is the best.

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