Lee's First Coaster Trip pt 2, Indiana Beach 7-21-

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After taking a day off to enjoy beautiful Ft Wyne, IN, we headed out on our next destination - Indiana Beach. It was an interesting drive over, lots and lots of corn. Turns out, drving through corn fields would be a recurring theme on this trip.

We got to IB at about 2 pm. Wow was it HOT! Living in the deep south, I'm fairly used to oppressive heat - good thing because it was that kind of hot this day. We entered the park via suspension bridge. It was a very nice way to see the park for the first time. What amazes me is that before you get on that bridge, you cannot tell that there is anything out there, much less an amusement park.

We got in and paid for our armbands and started walking up the boardwalk. Very nice feel to the place - I liked the carnival like character. Because it was so hot, we decided to rie the coasters first, then if we wanted to ride other things, we'd do them later. First off, LoCoSuMo...

This was the longest line in the park this day. Waited about 20 minutes, which was nice and short compared to some of the lines I've waited in in the past. Got on the ride, and boy those cars are cozy. I'm 6'6 250, and I was squeezing in. The elevator lift was neat - first one of those for me. The rest of the ride, wll, I hate to buck the conentional wisdom, but I didn't find it all that great. It was a nice jerky mine train type ride, but that's all it was. Nice head choppers and nice claustrophobic feel, but I've had better of both on other rides. Overall: B

Next up was the Hoosier Hurricane. We hopped on this massive ride that dominates most of the park. There were some very nice views on the lift hill, and the turn around by the ferris wheel was cool. Not too much speed, no airtime at all, but it was okay. Mild ride, nice views. Overall B-

We made our way over to the Tigg'r coaster next and hopped in. Okay little compact ride, but nothing you can't get at your local fair. Overall B-

Then we came to the crown jewel - Cornball Express! We waited for about 30 minutes because somebody dropped her PURSE while on the ride. I'll never understand why anyone would feel the need to take their purse on a coaster? Or even intoa park? All of my female friends take their money and ID, and that's it. Oh well, the purse was recovered and off we went. This ride was superb! Great air, speed like crazy, and a great helix finish. We had to snag a ride in the back seat so we hopped the fence for another go. So nice! This ride took up the number 2 spot immeditely. Had it been a little longer, I'm sure it would have been number one. Way to go CE! Overall A

After this we took a ride on Den of Lost Thieves. It was fun, but I SUCKED at it. I onkly hit 3 targets. Ah well, now I know it's a good thingf or me not to handle guns...:) Overall B

By this point, we were very tired and very hot, so we decided to call it a day. We needed to rest up for our big day at CP. We returned to the car and headed off.

Overall, I liked this park. Very small, but nice feel to it and a very picturesque lakeside setting. CE makes me wish it were a little closer so I could go more often. Park's Overall Grade B+.

Coming Next: First trip to CP!

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Nice TR!

In 4 Days My 100th Coaster will be HyperSonic XLC

Wow, only 3 on Den of Lost Thieves? I've heard the new guns aren't that good, but only 3? Well, anyway, I'm glad you had a good time at a great park, IMO. Did you get to Double Shot, because it has extreme air and it's a must hit at IB.

What is it Lassie? Did Timmy fall down the well again? Rough. Did Mr. Wilson have a heart attack? Rough. Is the drug dealer here for his money? Rough Rough. RUN!

Good TR.

Steel: 1)MF, 2)Goliath, 3)Magnum
Wood: 1)Villain, 2)Beast, 3)Roar(SFMW)

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Once, again, no go on the drop rides. Next time we take a trip my BF is getting on every one of them. MANY TIMES. :)

I don't think there's anything wrong with the guns. I just am a terrible shot. Like I said, I'll continue to stay away from guns in general...


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