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Friday, July 19, 2002 8:05 PM
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On my first ever trip solely for the purpose of hitting new parks, I decided to visit my best friend in Indiana. hitting CP, IB, and HW. Along the way, my partner and I stopped at SFKK for a quick jaunt to add a few coasters to the credits. Nice to have a six flags season pass from SFoG, so all we paid was $4.00 to park! Sweet!

First, let me say that I went not expecting much. I had heard that this park was mediocre at best and probably would dissappoint me. Upon entry to the park it strikes me how much smaller it is than my home park. I did like that the whole area seemed to be more kid friendly than SFoG. The front area with the kid rides was great. Off to our first ride - Roadrunner Express.

Fun little mouse coaster. I don't recall having ridden any mouse coasters before, so this was something new. Fun out of control feeling around the hairpin turns and nice little bunny hills. Over all, B+.

After wandering around the park for a bit trying to figure out the layout, we finally made our way to Chang.

My only previous stand-up coaster was the Scorcher, which always seeed so short. Now I know why. I really didn't care for the longevity of Chang. The inversions were great, everything in between the sucked. This ride has me doubting whether I want to wait for Mantis when we go to CP...Overall, B-

Next up was T2. I had also never been on an SLC, so I figured I'd throw caution to the wind and try it out, at least for the credit. Turns out, the ride wasn't as rough as I was expecting. This is not to say that it was smooth by any means, especially in the first inversion cobination. The rest of the ride I didn't like because it was fairly boring. The double barrell roll was nice, but that was about the only redeeming feature. Now that I've ridden one, I won't be riding another. Overall C-.

After feeling like we were lost - I honestly expected a security guard to tell us we were in a restricted area at any time- we found Twisted Twins. No line here, so we decided to ride both sides in the front and the back. Lola in the back was awesome! Air everywhere! Stella in the front was nice as well. Great ride that really impressed me. Overall, Lola A, Stella A-

Then once again we got lost trying to find Thunder Run. Maybe a few more signs pointing the way to the big rides would help. We looked for a map, but didn't see any available at any of the stores we stopped at. Oh well, we found our way around well enough. Thunder Run was a big surprise. Lots of air in row 3. Nice speed throughout. The only drawback is that it is way too short! Good ride, and I can't believe I haven't heard more about it. Overall, A-, would've been higher had the ride been longer.

All in all, I really enjoyed this park. Maybe because I went in not really expecting much, I really enjoyed it. The patrons there were fine, actually less objectionable than the usual guests at other parks I frequent. I did notice that many of the games and concessions weren't open - maybe because of the low attendance. The employees were nice (that makes 2 of 2 SF parks attended with nice employees) and were having a good time. This is no CP, or SFMM by ANY means, but it is a fun little park that's worth stopping at if you're in the area.

Coming up: First trip to Indiana Beach - Cornball Express and LoCoSuMo, here I come!!!


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Saturday, July 20, 2002 10:03 PM
Great TR! Nice to hear some good comments about SFKK! They really need just one big new ride,

WHy doesn't anyone ride the drop tower?

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

Sunday, July 21, 2002 9:17 AM
That's a good question, Todd. They really should, considering that it's the best drop ride out there(IMO), despite being one of the smallest.
Sunday, July 21, 2002 9:43 AM
Nice TR!


Wednesday, July 24, 2002 9:54 AM
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We didn't ride Hellivator because my weenie BF is scared of drop rides. I drag him on Acrophobia every time we go to SFoG, and he rebels the whole time.

I agree with your assessment, Todd. A good sitdown looper or floorless would really be a welcome addition.


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