Leeds (UK) Valentines Fair 2004

Thursday, February 19, 2004 3:00 PM
Hi all. I managed to get down to this large fair yesterday, and actually had a pretty decent time. Here are the highlights:

*Beach Party - KMG Afterburner*
- This 6 year old Afterburner (gyro-swing) still packs an incredible punch and seems to run a variety of ride programs, producing plenty of spins and very high swings. Top class!

*Drop Zone Tower - Fabbri Mega Drop*
- Claiming to be 120 feet tall (not sure about this) this is nevertheless a pretty decent tower ride, a fast climb to the top followed by a good long wait, scary countdown and powerful blast back down to earth. Great if you're a bit short as the restraints allow to 'float' up off the seat. I believe this is the same tower present at Winter Wonderland in London earlier this year.

*Equinox - KMG Tango*
- I was delighted to see this ride present at the fair, having heard great things about KMG's latest masterpiece. Not seeming particularly popular, the ride only had a few other people on when I got on. The restraints are a very peculiar stand-up floorless affair that feel very solid and open (though a little uncomfortable). The ride quickly reaches its high point, and seems fairly tame until the seat arms unlock and begin spinning. Things get rather crazy at this point, giving a hugely disorientating and very intense ride in places. Got off feeling rather shellshocked but happily so, nice work KMG!

*Move It! - KMG Move It 32*
- It was good to see this large size move it present at the fair (having missed the smaller move-it 16 last year) - I was unsure what to expect of this ride having never experienced one before, but I was pleasantly suprised. Good solid restraints and comfy seats hold you in as the ride produces some impossible seeming actions on its limited axes of movement. One of my favourite bits being when the platform and ride arm rotate in the same direction, producing very rapid acceleration and good G-force - unexpected flips to upside-down were excellent also.

*Power Surge - Zamperla Power Surge*
- I was looking forward to trying out this ride, however it was not operational during my visit (saw it go just as I was leaving though - sods law...)

*Magic Mouse - Reverchon Compact Spinning Wild Mouse*
- Went on this one last year, really nothing to write home about. Slow and boring, good only in that its a coaster.

*Hi-Speed & Vertigo - Fabbri Boosters*
- One of the showpiece elements of the fair, this pair of boosters were arranged back to back a'la Spin Doctor at BPPB - didn't go on them however as I don't really trust boosters after all the horror stories.

Also worthy of mention were small Pinfari Apple and Chance Toboggan coasters, a brand new Zamperla Rockin' Tug (looking good, but definitely a kiddie ride), a Bungee launch and a variety of older flat rides (all looking rather dodgy).

All in all, I had a good time (despite the carny atmosphere) and it didn't cost too much either, averaging around £2 per ride for the big stuff. Would certainly recommend giving it a look if you're in the area - last day will be 22nd.

Thursday, February 19, 2004 4:51 PM
You're lucky to have two of my favorite flats (Afterburner and Megadrop...Mmmmmm!) near you and operational in February! If a Topscan would have been present it would have been perfect. I haven't tried a Tango or Move-It but they intrigue me. The flat ride selection in the States is a bit on the poor side.

Regardless, thanks for posting!


Thursday, February 19, 2004 5:36 PM
I would love to get on that KMG Move-It 32. I believe it is still the only one on the road so you guys are defnitley lucky to have it there.

The Fabbri Mega Drop is listed at 35 meters (115 feet), but I think that is from the top of the tower itself, not the heightest point the riders get.

The two Tangos in North America seem to do decent when they are at medium spots, but only do so-so when they are booked in our biggest fairs. But, between the Tango and the Top Scan I will always take the Top Scan.



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