Led Zeppelin themed coaster

Hello all

Has anyone heard of the new Hard Rock theme park? There's apparently a new coaster being developed. I found the following link www.auctionwire.com/hardrockpark. It's a Led Zeppelin themed coaster. Would anyone else be able to provide more info?


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There has been a lot of talk about it here.

Tons of results in Google.

Hmm, he joined today, sounds like spam to me.
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I thought that too. Probably some sad ad agency or PR person thinking they are planting a "viral" seed.

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Hershey says: "Viral marketing is suh-weet!" ;)

I doubt HRP needs the *bump* here....maybe it'd be more useful to stir up interest someplace where the ride/park wasn't already well-known? Just a thought....

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Zep coaster? Old News.
Perhaps spam, or maybe he
Lived under a rock!
I love the atmosphere that is created underneath a rock. It's shady and similar to a cave. Caves are neat.

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But there are no trees under a rock so it is not very charming. ;)

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