Led Zeppelin isn't Going to California...maybe going THRU California...

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Apparently the Hard Rock/FMP rides are going as a package to....Vietnam.

As in, Good morning, Vietnam...


Hopefully this means there won't be an SBNO Beemer around too much longer...and also it means Asia and N. America are now "even" on the B&M swap.

I heard this rumour ages ago and didn't believe it then...

...until a shiny new B&M and a Premier Launched coaster were installed just outside Mumbai.

For those who haven't seen it:


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That's a different looking first drop on the Mumbai Floorless coaster, almost like something you'd see on some of Arrow's Megaloopers.

The trick was to surrender to the flow.

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India and Vietnam aren't just different countries, they're pretty far apart...wonder if the park in India got *another* B&M/Premier combo...

Based on RCDB alone, it looks like a mere concidence, and that the Vietnamese "park" hasn't shown up on the site yet. I say this because a relocation typically DOES show up, and the Imagica parks' rides all come up as "new to this park," without mention of previous owners. Also, Imagica's Premier ride is launched, and neither of HRP/FMP's premier rides had a launch.

Sorry, I wasn't clear.

The rides at Imagica were new builds.

What I was trying to say is that an enormously expensive set of rides went into a park in an area where the average annual income is about $1075 (seriously).


If that can happen in India, then it can happen in Vietnam too.

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Ahh, OK, I follow now.

Still somewhat surprised, not so much that someone bought the Beemer, but that anyone would be interested in either of those Premiers (I love the super saturator concept, but clearly parks disagree, prob due to low throughput and high maintenance needs/costs). And RoundAbout...that's just asking to hire a whole other maintenance CREW.

As far as parks being built in economically challenging areas....there are apparently *enough* people with disposable income pretty much anywhere on the globe.

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