Lawsuit seeks class-action status against Disneyland, alleging reservation system locks out passholders

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A lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court alleges Walt Disney Co. deceived buyers of a new annual pass who thought they would get unlimited access to the park but instead say they were blocked out in favor of daily-pass buyers. It asks the court to certify the complaint as a class-action suit on behalf of the 3,600 people who have purchased Dream Key passes.

Read more from The LA Times.

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I can understand being upset about not being able to get in when you wanted to, but the fine print clearly states “subject to reservation availability.” This seems like some of those DAS suit where it’s really “we didn’t get what we think we’re entitled to,” not “we didn’t get what we’re entitled to.”

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My biggest surprise: they only sold 3600 of these?


but the fine print clearly states “subject to reservation availability.”

There were “reservations” available according to the complaint. Just not available to season pass holders. The fine print likley spells out the definition of “reservation” better than that article does.

In action it is clear Disney has at least two different sets of “reservations.” One for the general population…and a second more restrictive set of “reservations” for pass holders.

If the second more restrictive season pass “reservations” are not specifically defined in the contract…the complainant might have a case.

A reasonable person would assume that generic “reservations” means EVERYBODY has an equal opportunity to “reserve” the slots. I can’t believe Disney’s lawyers wouldn’t have accounted for the disparity in treatment of the different classes when writing the contract.

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