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I'm headed to Texas for a business trip this weekend and am debating going to SFoT while I'm out there. My flight is into Austin, so SFFT is a definite at only 90 minutes drive away, but the 3 1/2 hours to SFoT isn't worth it to me unless Mr. Freeze is up and running. Other than that, been there-done-that with just about everything there. So, any updates on the Freeze? I realize it could be down even if it has been running lately, but I heard it might be done for the year. Thanks.

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Aren't all the Six Flags Premiers down after the Chiller incident?

-Brent Kneebush

^ The spaghetti bowl ones are back up (aka Joker's Jinx & Poltergeist).

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Must have something to do with going backwards.

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Closed for the year.

Check the website :)

I don't really trust a website that can't always figure out which rides are at which park. But thanks for the info anyway. Makes my drive times less ... I'll be staying in Austin for OSU/Texas!

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So now BOTH Freezes are down for the year? (At least I *thought* SFStL's shut down the day after I left and hasn't that info still current?)

With Chilla being non-operational, that WOULD mean you can no longer traverse the *proper* side of a TopHat element....bummer, those three comprise most of the best shuttles in the States.... :(

P.S. Gotta agree with Brett on this, the websites SHOULD be the best most up-to-date info on parks/rides....but really, I'd prefer to hear it from someone who WORKS at the park than some web guy who may not have received an update in a month or two... ;)
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The Mr. Freeze in St. Louis is not official closed for the year, the trains have been taken off the track and taken apart. The park could fix it for this year (rumor was it would open for Fright Fest) or they are just getting and early start on the off-season maintence.
^Well the yellow train on JJ is down for the season & is nowhere to be seen,at least the purple train is back up & running though.

Given this fact & the fact that Freeze at both parks havn't been rehabed,operating since going down in june/july it's a safe bet that they'll be down for the rest of the season.

When I went to SFoT a few weeks ago Freeze was closed, and has been closed everytime I have gone there this summer. The rides listed on the website as closing for the fall have signs on them at the park that say they will open for Fright Fest, but I don't know if that includes Freeze. I doubt it will be up anytime soon.

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Those signs are saying that the rides are closed due to Fright Fest (Rapids/Flashback/Bumper Cars become haunted houses) not that they are going to reopen.

I thought that might confuse some people when i saw it.

What happened with Chiller?
^Chiller broke a wheel assembly a couple months back...hence the extended downtime on polty,JJ & both Freezes.
Mr. Freeze at SFSL has been testing and will reopen when Fright Fest begins Friday night (as long as it passes all necessary tests) with brand new wheel assemblies (probably just one train operation).
You can put more than one train on a shuttle? Sucks, I missed it by like a month ...

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Yes, Mr. Freeze can run 2 trains.

2 trains with 5 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 20 riders per train.

Mr. Freeze originally had over the shoulder restraints. For the 2002 season, the over the shoulder restraints were replaced with lap bar restraints.

Using a clever sliding launch track, Mr. Freeze operates two trains on a shuttle roller coaster track.

News to me :)

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That "sliding launch track" is the shizznit to beat ALL...looks kinda like a tank's treads. Not only do you get multiple train operation, but you also MAX out capacity since one is doing load/unload while the other one is on the course.

Hi-capacity shuttle coasters that run on the CORRECT side of the tophat...with LAPBARS? That's just TOO good to be true.

I've yet to visit either park and have a Mr. Freeze DDM for the day, even though that seems to be *normal*....

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The sliding launch track is pretty spiffy, but I wonder how much wear it adds to the wheels. Going over the gap between the rails at 40 MPH can't be good for that last car.

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^True but doesn't the same basic rule apply to most coasters,which at some point have to cross the gap between the main track & the transfer?The only difference of course,as you pointed out are the vast differences in speed.

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