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I know this topic came late but I drove by the park and thought about my last trip.

I went on sunday two weeks before Katrina hit and destroyed it. We left from my house which is 45 Minutes away at 11 Am. Got there and went straight in. Whats this there isnt anyone there. How typical.

Me and a few of my friends decided to go straight to Batman the ride. Which unfortuantely is the best coaster there. There was a train load. The front was 4 train wait. So my friends and I decided we would ride in the front later when the sunsets because that is the best time to ride it. So we rode it and had a good ride.

Next we went around the lake in the middle of the park and went to the drop and lift off towers next to the wooden coaster. Half of my group wanted to go on the one that launches (not me). And the other wanted to ride the drop tower. The only reason I dont like the launch tower is because the things restraints dont work well and they come almost completely up when you reach the top. After that we rode a ride like MaxAir at CP except the seats face in.

After that we went and rode Mega Zeph our wooden coaster built by CCI. I usually only ride it once. The whole ride is great except for the last section before the block brakes. It pulls up and then evens out and then pulls up really quickly but the ride is great. After that we headed to Jester which is a Vekoma hurricane that goes backwards. It was the best I had ever ridden it. Usually it contains a lot of headbanging but this time was really smooth. So much so that we rode again due to there not being a line. After that we headed over to the log flume. After the log flume we headed to the pirate ship across from it.

After this is was about 2 30 so we went to Zydeco Scream which is a Vekoma Boomerang. That was ok they arent bad. Since we were in the area we went back to Batman the Ride. Rode it in the back which is the best place if you ask me. Then we went to the Jokers Juke Box which someone died on the year prior. It is just a scrambler.

Finally we went over the the area near the Jester and the Kiddy land and watched a really bad show with really bad actors. We laughed at them and had fun.

After that since we were near the Mega Zeph we took another ride on it. Then my friend whose first it was at the park wanted to go on the Mardi gras something or another which is a dark ride where you are supposed to shoot evil mardi gras people. The guns dont work so it wasnt that good of a ride.

After that we went to Sponge Bob 4-D which is my least favorite ride there. Next we went to the kiddie section to go and ride the Road Runner Express. Which is a kiddie coaster and we screamed like crazy to see if we could get the little kids scared. It didnt work they laughed at us.

It was 4 30 and we were getting bored with riding the same rides over and over so we decided to get in a few more rides in. Then we went to some resturant and ate. Next we went to the log flume again and again on account of there not being anyone there. Finally we got to Batman and the sun was setting and the ride was good in the front.

Before we left we took a ride on the Muskrat Scrambler which is a Mine Coaster and Jester. After we left we made plans for coming back the next week. But the Hurricane came and we havent been back since.

The problems hopefully be fixed. In problems I mean the place is more like a mall for kids and there is a lot of stealing problems. On two of my previous visits we were riding Jester and the ride operators stole our basketballs we won.

"You are funny. You make me laugh." :-|

Rich G

Sadly SFNO isn't coming back but at least they managed to save one thing from that park....the GM.

SFNO's former GM is now the GM at SFA,why they decided to fire Porter from that position is beyond me.

Yeah I heard about the GM but the mayor of New Orleans is making them stay for now. That was the last update. I hope it comes back but as I sad before it is going to be the model for shairpo's new six flags chain
The city has offered 17 basketballs to stay.
Iron clad contracts rock. Can't wait til New SFNO opens in 2009 with Astroworld's Ultratwister and a 20 year old Boomerang as its signature rides.

EDIT: I'm gonna expand on this. Im actually thinking SFNO as a total SF hand me down park would kinda rock. Ultratwister, one of the freefalls, that ratty old Intamin standup from AW, maybe a looping starship. Oh my god. They could move Flashback there, to avoid the prickly "lifeguard hearing" situation. Throw in a shuttle loop and perhaps that SLC they have laying around and you're all set. *** Edited 12/11/2006 3:46:51 AM UTC by Vincent Greene***

I was also in New Orleans a couple of weeks before Katrina, though I didn't go to SFNO that time (I had been the previous year).

But it makes me sad to think about it. I have photos of my wife and I in front of the neat old buildings and trees in Bay St. Louis, Miss., which was completely destroyed by Katrina.

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Vincent is it really going to open with those.

That would be great even if it meant having those crappy rides there from AW. That place was my homepark away from homepark

Is that really going to happen though.

PS The 17 basketballs is quite an offer from this city. I am from Maryland and my old homepark was SFA. I was down graded.

^^Are you f'ing serious kid? Hilarious. LMAO.

Rich G

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