Las Vegas strip might be over its family-friendly phase

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This week, GameWorks announced it would close, and those who watch trends on the Strip say that trying to make Vegas a family travel destination was a business model that didn’t play here. The arcade joins the company of Wet 'n' Wild and MGM Grand Adventures, which closed years ago.

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I was there in December and I was thinking that there was very little that would be of interest to kids...unless you got out to the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, etc. Basically it was back to Circus Circus as being the only real spot that kids would enjoy...and that place is dated.

And, even then, I wouldn't take my kids to Vegas. You can't walk down the road without seeing rolling advertisements for strip clubs, not too mention the hundreds of cards people are passing out...or are simply laying on the ground.

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Stripper cards... collect 'em all!

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My 18 yr old son was out there last summer with his Aunt to meet up with her husband after a end to end Grand Canyon raft trip. Yeah they saw and heard lots and did LOTS of cards and approaches. They thought it was kinda funny. They could do a great impresonation of these guys. But they did have fun and did do the dam and other attractions including the zip line.

Jeff said:
Stripper cards... collect 'em all!

Want to trade? I got a Squirtle for your Ho-Oh?

I've always thought somebody should come up with a card game for them a la Magic: the Gathering. I mean, some of them even come with stats!

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I was just in Vegas for a bachelor party and we were quite amused when we noticed that 1) the strippers on the stripper cards repeat with different names each time, and 2) the pictures on the cards are frequently adult film stars.

And while you can do things in Vegas that you can't do anywhere else in the country (NO, NOT PROSTITUTES... er... wait, I guess also prostitutes), we found it rather hard to believe that for $70 we could get Jenna Haze (appearing under stage name "Krystal") and Sasha Grey ("Miley") into our hotel room.

Now is that awkward moment where the straight guys here feel uncomfortable about how rapidly they recognized those names.

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If it were not for the Halloween event, I believe Adventure Dome would already be closed.

I can think of some other family attractions: pools, the M&M store, the aquarium at the Mandalay Bay, some of the Cirque shows, fancy shopping.

With that said, I still probably wouldn't take my family there.

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Look, my stripper has a +3 brassiere and a charm spell!

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Mine has DD's and a pet crab!

Stripper casts daddy issues...

It's super effective!


LOL, I guess I should of paid more attention to these stripper cards when I was there. I would just plug in my earbuds, turn up my iPhone all the way up and walk through those groups of people handing them out as if they were not there. Sad for Gameworks I completely for got it was there, I would of gone if I remembered. Oh yeah that reminds me another reason why all these arcades are dying is because you can now get best graphics at home.

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Actually, you can't legally get pros in Vegas. No different than any other city. Obviously, they're there,but they arent legal in Clark Count.

And Vegas wasn't family friendly in 05' for my first visit. That's why I go back :-).

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