Las Vegas company wants to build a theme park for Nashville area

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Las Vegas-based Big International Group of Entertainment Inc. announced plans this afternoon to build a theme park, restaurants and hotels on land in northern Maury County east of Interstate 65. The company hopes to be ready for a soft opening of the complex by November 2012. The $750 million project is being designed by ITEC of Orlando, Fla.

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My first thought is "Who of Who, and why?" I really have no knowledge of the Vegas amusement industry scene, especially of smaller "unknown" companies and people. ITEC is the design group/company that did the transformation of Disaster Transport, right? *shudder*

Initial reaction: almost, if not equally as "pie-in-the-sky" ridiculous as the Orlando Thrill Park concept (been doing some research on that, its not going to happen, and in the off-chance it does get off the ground, count on it lasting an even shorter time than HRP).

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I haven't the slightest idea who these people are, or how they are going to move $750,000,000 to Nevada. That money is better served in Las Vegas. I love the promotional poster, circa 1977-1980. Featuring a defuct coaster design (suspended) from a defunct company (Arrow), and a Barr Engineering Rapids Ride car. (they are real bad too).

I am not to sure about the Mad Scientist, nor do I want to walk between talking buildings or ride the back of a disobedient dragon. Just my opionion. Also, ITEC should have to common sense not to design a studio park outside of Orlando or Burbank. It just does not work.

In reality, Opryland was a great park, but once the Gaylord family turned off the switch, Nashville endured, and that whole market in a very short time found Dollywood, and all is well in the mid-South.

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Wow. A 1st gen. Intamin freefall, the crappiest rapids ride ever, and an Arrow suspended. That's ridiculously 80's, and not in a good way.

Oh... and the entrance to Universal Orlando with their logo slapped on it is another nice touch.

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Not that it's a huge surprise, but it appears these guys may have some credibility issues. Story.

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Is anyone else besides me thinking that other than the credibility issues, the idea of a property soft opening by Thanksgiving of next year is a bit...ambitious? The city hasn't even voted on everything that needs to be voted on, and I would guess that all the necessary hurdles wouldn't be cleared to start the building process until about May or June. Do they have ride companies contracted for their rides with the pieces manufactured, or at least in the process of being manufactured?

I realize Disneyland was built in a year, but...I don't think a park not named Disney or Universal could get away with opening in a halfway finished state these days. For me, that alone is a gigantic red flag.

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