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We were in Vegas early in Feb. For whatever reason Speed wasn't running when were there there. We went to Circus Circus, had to dodge three fights in Adventuredome and decided that it wasn't worth the hassle. We did buy the complete package at Star Trek the Experience, including the backstage tour. That proved to be a very enjoyable half day. There are rumblings that this is going to be the last summer for STTE. They are imploding about everything on the north end of the strip of late. The coaster formerly known as Manhatten Express I don't every care to ride again, new trains or not.
I still prefer Deserado down in Primm. It's worth the trip plus my 4 year old loved the log ride! Try to rent a car to check it out.
I love Desperado! I only got to ride it in 1999, but it was tremendous fun. Love all those tunnels and the mine theming.

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Wow, Desperado love?! You don't see that too often, but I'll agree, it's a great ride. I'll admit, it falls short of Magnum (comparing apples to apples) but it has some great moments nonetheless.

The bonus for Despy...? She never has a line.

BTW, Josh.. good point about the log ride, great combo of a fume and a Sally-esque dark ride shoooter. As many times as I have been to Buffalo Bill's, I have only been on the flume once.

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Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

I like all of the coasters in Vegas. I would say the Desperado is the best one by far, although it isn't actually in Vegas. Canyon Blaster would be ranked 2nd and Manhatten Express 3rd.

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