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Sunday, December 30, 2001 7:59 PM
Well, this whole trip was our "christmas pilgrimage" that we try to take once a year. My parents gamble, i ride the coasters. We flew from New York Kennedy to Vegas, arriving around 4 p.m. We got a deal at Paris Las Vegas, which wasnt exactly close to any coasters, but there was a monorail going from Ballys (next door) to MGM Grand (across from ny, ny). I wont map out the whole trip, so ill just explain the rides.

We first took a bus to the Hilton, which is off the strip. I wanted to try out the star trek simulator as everyone says it's great. We get to the gate and we find the admission to be $24.99!!!!! My mom just said the heck with it and she bought all of us tickets (me, my dad, my mom, my aunt, my cousin). The queue was just star trek memorabilia, pretty boring (personally i was always pro-star wars). We get to the ride, and it was the normal simulator configuration, but then it just shifted and it was more theatrical action. The simulator was of mediocre quality, but the acting involved beforehand made up for it. The whole thing was fun, but DEFINETLY NOT worth the 25 bucks.

Another ride I was most looking foward to was Speed. I had riddein it last year, and I was very impressed with it. This year it was even better. First off, they created a new "Double ride" system, where you ride once, then they launch you again. All of the turns are smooth yet intense, and its my favorite in Vegas. One negative is when you're in the back cars, and on the vertical spike you're showered with spit. Fortunatly, on the backwards loop I hocked a big one right up front. hehehe...

Circus Circus was next, and I had been here last year as well. one word: PACKED! It was hard enough to walk around, nevermind find the rides. Canyon Blaster was running one trian, but they luckily added another. Its a good coaster, but a little too weak. I must say the loops are intense, but the rest is a yawn. I must say the on-ride photos are among the worst I've evr seen, taking one picture of the whole first two cars. Other rides like Chaos and Inverter are always fun as well.

When everybody hears the word "TOGO", they think bad things. Well, hold your thoughts. I rode Manhattan Express last year and HATED IT. the back car was the most painful ride i'd had in a while. This year, I took my uncles advice and asked to reserve the front row. Well, they take you off the line, and make you wait two trains. Then, you immediatly board the front row, no extra lines! Well, this ride just shimmers in the front row. I loved every second of it, and it was rough in a good way, not the usuall trauma way. The drops were sweet, the loop was sweet, the helix was great! One thing I really loved was the heartline roll and Dive. The feeling of coming off my seat in a looop was so thrilling, and it was remarkably smooth.On the whole ride, there were only two rough spots. The third drop into the loop has got to be the most jagged piece of track I've ever seen. I didnt think it was possible to do what was done on that drop. The only other rough spot was the slight turn from the heartline into the break run, and even that wasnt bad. I DEFINETLY reccomend asking for the front, it's worth it.

We also ate dinner at the Stratosphere. Of course, I rose the Big Shot. I love this ride, and its the only ride ever to give me butterflies in my stomach. The braking mechanism at the top is really freaky, and floating weightless, almost 1200 feet above ground is kinda weird.

Well, thats pretty much the whole trip, just missing a lot of Craps, Blackjack, Arcades, Showgirls, and that irresistable DING DING DING DING DING!  

How much more floorless can they get?


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