Larson Super Loops issue...

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Apparently all the Super Loops are closed temporarily, presumably per some sort of manufacturer's bulletin.

Anyone who can tell know what the specific problem/defect involves...?

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I'd imagine the traveling carnivals they stole them from are suing to get their property back.

But I do remember that last year Elitch (who, IIRC, got the first one of these park models) suffered some problem causing a long-term closure. In fact, the day I was there was the first day they re-opened the ride, about half way through the day, and the line was long. So I didn't go on it. (like I would anyway)

If these rides are pesky I find it kind of odd. I mean, the one that comes to the state fair has been looping for years without trouble...

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Not going to pick on Six Flags this time, but I want to ask, why does the chain seem to have bad luck when it comes to new rides?

Now that I think about it, the Larson Super Loop at my local town carnival last week was not set up. It just sat there in the parking lot, still unassembled on a semi-trailer. I wonder if that had anything to do with what is going on here? Maybe I'll ask the people who organized the carnival next time I see them.

They have a new version of this, a 22 meter tall one, perhaps this is relation to these?. If the rides closed are all of the same model, the bulletin had to be sensitive enough not to be accessible from their website, instead sent directly to each owner/operator.

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