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Wednesday, August 14, 2002 11:01 AM

Got to the park around 7:00pm and paid the $12.50 for parking and a ride wristband. It was my first time to the park in a couple years so I cought a ride on the Cyclone. I love this ride, the first drop still gives me thrills and the trains are very comfortable. The wait was limited to 15 minutes despite the one train operation. While going through the course, it amazed me how much junk there was near the lake turn portion of the ride. They should really clean that area up, it would look a lot better. Next, we headed over towards the other end of the park hitting a few flats along the way.

One of my main goals of the trip was to hit the new dark ride, Flight to Mars. I thought this ride was great. It is a perfect replacement for the fun house that used to be there. The staff had special shirts made just for the ride and later in the night they were wearing alien masks!

Next, got on the other new ride, Starship 2000. This ride is a standard graviton. I have never been on one before but I found the ride to be fun.

Before catching another ride on the Cyclone, I went over to the Wild Chipmunk. I love this thing! You feel like you are going to fly right out of the cars on the bunny hops due to the fact that there are no restraints.

After catching two more rides on the Cyclone, we decided to head home, but on the way we cought a ride on the Dragon and the Scenic Route, the railroad that goes around the lake. It was great seeing the park from across the lake at night, but at the same time depressing seeing how low the lake was.

On the way out it was disapointing to see the Whip not yet completed. However, the reconstruction efforts have made a hugh progress over the last time I was there and I believe that it will be open sometime next season.

I love Lakeside, it was my first "amusement park" and the Cyclone was my first "big coaster." The ride ops are nice, the rides are fun, the prices are great, and the atmosphere is unbelievable. But at the same time it is frustrating to see the obvious financial state of the park. It has improved somewhat but any major changes would require funds that would be impossible for Lakeside to get. Please, anybody who visits the Denver area, visit Lakeside, you won't regret it!

Sorry if this is a bad TR, I don't do these often.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2002 12:12 PM

Thanks for the TR on this park. I really wanted to get there this summer, but the gods of coaster funds weren't with me on that one. :)

I've seen a bunch of night pictures where the park is ablaze in neon. Is this still the case? It looks amazing.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2002 12:26 PM
The lighting at this park is still amazing. Every ride has some sort of lighting. The best thing is the tower, seeing it from the train and the reflection in the water is awsome. This truely is a nighttime park, you can't see all the garbage and such that is left around, it is amazing. The Cyclone station is great with the old ticket booth, same goes for the Hurricane ride.

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