Lakeside 6/2

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Saturday, June 2, 2001 1:18 PM
ACE Event. Great bunch of people! Thanks to Barry, Rhoda Krasner, Don,the ride ops of Cyclone and ACE!

Cyclone (10 laps):
We got the first ride of the day. Great combo of a twister and an out-and-back. The first drop twists to the left 180 degrees and then up. Then, you twist twice more to the left, and then begin the journey towards Lake Rhoda. This is when the ride transforms into the out-and-back style. Excellent turn-around, and bunny hops back to the station. Cyclone uses a hand brake which I think is very cool. I also saw them transfer the train to the transfer track which was interesting.

Wild Chipmunk (2 laps):
I got the 2nd ride of the day. This is a great wild mouse coaster. The first part features some hair-pin turns. Then there are some good drops and a wicked helix.

Scrambler (1 spin):
I like these rides. The enclosed one at Funtown USA is better though.

I had a great time. I finally got on a coaster for the 2001 season. Goodbye coaster blues!
Colorado Avalanche 2-1. Go Avs!

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