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With Monica leaving for Washington DC and the oppressive heat in our house, I decided to take road trip by myself. I looked up local parks on rcdb and realized how close Lakmont Park, DelGrosso's Amusement Park were. I loaded up the GPS and headed out with the AC blasting in the car.

I turned on KDKA for the Pirates game and was able to keep the station for the whole trip. The Pirates won in 10 innings, good stuff. Anyway the ride up was pretty boring until I got around Altoona and RT22 opened up some.

Lakemont Amusement Park

I pulled off 22 and saw the ACE Coaster Classic Skyliner behind the beautiful Altoona Curve baseball field, I had no idea it would right outside the park. I found the free parking lot and made my way to the gate where I paid just $5.95 to get in for unlimited rides.

The first thing I noticed about the park is how badly it needs some landscaping, there is hardly any shade anywhere and the grass is burned out. Lakemont has a very sleepy atmosphere, things move pretty slow here and the park is really spread out.

Skyliner was my first ride. Walking up to the station I could hear the young ride operator yelling out directions, warnings and bad jokes. "If your lapbar should fly open and you fall out, Lakemont park is not responsible for your death." This kid was honestly wild and out of control, more on him later.

The ride is in decent shape, and runs just slightly better than Conneaut Lake's Blue Streak. it rattles, it gives some airtime and its fairly fun. The layout is mediocre, drop, turn, drop, turn, drop turn etc and never seems to start. That said, it is worth the trip.

Back to that young ride operator. I have pictures, which I am sending to the park, of him riding the coaster basically standing up. I also have photos of him riding on the train's step right up to the lift hill where he then got into the train while it was heading up the lift. I overheard him walking back to what I assume is the break room talking to his trainee saying something to the effect of "If we don't have fun, the guests don't have fun." Great attitude, wrong example for the young kids on the ride.

I ended up taking four rides, one of which was due to a brake overrun. My favorite seat was the front, smoother ride and lots of airtime at the top of each hill.

Leap the Dips
Leap the Dips, another ACE Coaster Classic was closed, it looked like tons of work was being done to it as there were tools and new wood spread out everywhere. I guess I will have to take another trip someday to get a ride or two.

Model Railroad Display
As I was leaving the park I came accross the model train display, it was a 50c donation to see the trains. They had three layouts, and some nice people working and showing off the trains. They are all volunteers.

Final Thoughts
I really enjoyed my short time, for only $5.95 it is definately worth the stop just to ride Starliner a few times and hopefully get a lap on Leap the Dips.

DelGrosso's Amusement Park
After the sleepy Lakemont I was expecting more of the same from DelGrosso's, in fact I was expecting less. Boy was I wrong. Upon pulling up to the park there were people everywhere, and someone was directing traffic into the parking lot. The place was packed! I was impressed with the modern waterslides, go cart track and brand new infrastructure. Everything looked great.

Crazy Mouse
Or Exterminator in the open. The ride is actually quite different in the outdoors, and honestly was just as fun as Kennywood's Exterminator. I shared both of my rides with a young kid and their parent and we spun and spun. The ride is run well, the trims are wide open and capacity was solid. It was really popular, looks like a real winner for the park.

Final Thoughts
I really liked this park, it was clean, well decorated and cheap. I had a slice of pizza which turned into two, the girl said they cut the pizza too small. Nice touch, and good pizza too.

I made it back home six hours after leaving Pittsburgh and crashed with Penelope in my air conditioned bedroom.

This is also posted on my site with photos.
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Hi eightdotthree,

I was planning to go to Lakemont and Delgrosso's this weekend for the first time. Do you know how long Leap the Dips will be down as that is my reason for going? I will be driving eight hours to get there and I don't want to go if Leap's is not operating. Thanks for your help and anyone else that can provide information. Feel free to email me at or reply here on the CB site.


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I honestly wouldn't know, there were no signs of when it would open, only that it is being worked on. The park may be able to give you a better answer.

I was thinking about going 7/7 and 7/8. Del Grosso's is a probable, but may want to visit Lakemont when Leap the Dips is up and running.

A day at the park is what you make it!

Thanks all,

I'll give the park a call tomorrow to learn more and post it here.


Ah yes, the Skyliner. That was my first rollercoaster EVER, when it was up here in Canandaigua, NY at Roseland Park. I remember thinking it was huge, the thing went into the clouds!! My parents dragged me on it kicking and screaming. After the train came back into the station, they had to drag me off it, kicking and screaming. I've been a coaster junkie ever since. I'd love someday to take a trip to Lakemont just to ride this classic again one day...

"You think you know me..."


I just got off the phone with Lakemeon Park and leaps will not be open this weekend.


What i've heard was basically what has happened is back when Leap-The-Dips was rebuilt the ride may have been painted too early when the wood wasn't totally dry. So the paint basically sealed in the moisture and now they have to replace most or all of the track. Plus in the curves to get the track to bend the wood had to been placed in a steam box. Back then they rebuilt the ride they where only able to do it two boards at a time and it basically took day per two boards.

Is that basically what happened? ;)
Nice TR, eightdotthree.

I took my young friend JD to Lakemont Park last week during $1 Wednesdays. They run this special price every wednesday. $1 gets you into the park and $1 gets you an all day ride pass. Go Carts are $1 after 6PM, and the concession stands run $1 specials all day. If you don't mind Wednesday's "rif raf" clientele, it is a great bargan. We got there at 4PM and I spent only $8 for the Two of us for the whole visit.

...But there were a lot of fights between teenagers and some line jumping. I scared a teen half to death when he picked up JD (who is 11 and half the teens size) and phisically moved him behind him in line. "What are you doing touching my him? You don't touch him!", I yelled. That poor teenager probabily pissed his shorts (lol).

LTD was closed last week as well. It really is an interesting coaster, and definately worth the stop if you are passing through. The plaques in front of the station validate the rides importance.

Don't ask me why the ride is closed though.

Skyliner is so much fun. I disagree with you, eightdotthree, about the layout being mediocre, I like it's "fake" Third drop a lot and if you ride near the back, the ride really gets going on the turn behind the station. The bottom of the drops after that flatten out at the bottom, but still at a slight downward angle to keep up speed. It's quite unique.

The difference between Lakemont and DelGrosso's is that Lakemont is kept open as a "public service", and DelGrosso's is very profitable. I've been told that by the people who run each park, but I think it is evident when you visit both.

DelGrooso's seems to always be busy, but not a lot of people I talk to know it's there. I live in State College, which is about 30 minuts from the park, and a lot of people here have never been there. That blows my mind.

DelGrosso's is clean, modern, and inexpensive. It's not a large park, but you could spend a long time there if you take some kids. The waterslides are very thrilling and the food is outstanding, especially those Texas Hot Dogs.

OH? Am I still talking (lol).

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