Lakemont Park and Delgrossos 6/10/09 Pt 1

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After much anticipation we finally made the three hour drive to Altoona. Our intention was to visit both Lakemont and Delgrosso's and being a Wednesday having a spaghetti dinner at Delgrosso's. I must say that I was pleased even before getting to Lakemont, as the new I-99 is completed, and this cuts at the least a half an hour off my drive.

Arriving at Lakemont we were surprised that the POP wristband was only $3. The park really has a carnival like atmosphere, but was something I would love to have in my town. Its a quirky place, and we got in rides on Leap the Dips, Skyliner, Tobboggan, as well as Twister, their Double Octopus, Sky Diver, Train, Round Up, Ferris Wheel, and Tilt-A-Whirl. I was happy to get to ride a Twister, but was disappointed that we only got one full spin during the cycle.

Leap-the-Dips was a ride I had been wanting to experience for some time, but never had the opportunity to get out to. I have to say I love the cars, the history, and the over sized station. However, the ride itself was surprisingly terrifying! I know it has been in a constant state of refurbishment, but I have never felt quite like I was going to die on any ride like Leap the Dips. Fun overall, and a lot more intense that I expected for such a simple design.

Skyliner was fun. Not intense, some nice pops of air, especially in the back going down the first drop. Was expecting a much rougher ride, but was relatively smooth and kept its pace.

Toboggan was another first for me, as I had never seen one at any of the fairs or carnivals I went to as a child. They have an interesting design to the seating, being flat on the floor with legs sticking straight out. Overall not a violent or rough as I have heard, but I was prepared.

Also in the park we had some food, prices were okay, but I am used to the quality at Knoebels and did not want to spoil dinner at Delgrosso's. On the way out we stopped by the model train exhibit which was included with our $3 wristband, and were tempted to find a Wendy's to get our free Frosty Jr with the coupon on the wristband. Definitely worth a stop when passing through, but unless you need to get the credit for Leap-the-Dips, not someplace to drive a distance to. We left Altoona to head back toward home and stop in Tipton for dinner at Delgrosso's. (see part 2)

Real men ride wood... coasters that is!

I-99 is completed now? Which parts? (Sorry, I have no idea where you live.)

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From State College to Altoona... not sure when it was officially completed, as the last time I went through to Pittsburg we were taken down Rt 220, but that has been years ago. Makes the drive from Scranton much more bearable, and return trips to that area a better possibility.

Real men ride wood... coasters that is!
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My first trip to these parks was last year. Had a blast, and going again this weekend with a group of friends weather permitting...
I must say, I loved Leap the Dips and rode it several times last year... I do recall no liking the back seat and actually squatting up on my legs a bit on the "leaps" because if I had my full weight on my butt, it hurt...

Glad to hear I-99 is completed. On my trip to those parks 4 years ago, while driving through Port Matilda and those other little burgs, I got stuck for a few miles behind one of those trucks that picks up roadkill. I need to get back there this year to finally get my ride on LTD.

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I love the back seat of's a little different than your average back-seat ride on a wooden coaster, to be sure... :)

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Very nice to hear that I-99 is finally complete. I lived in the area for about 16 years. They began building that road in around 1992. The first half was complete some time ago, but that second half seemed to take forever for them to finish. I bet it's a breeze to get from State college to Altoona now!

You say that Skyliner wasn't intense? I always thought that it was a pretty relentless ride. The flat downhill turnaround between the station and the lift is my favorite part of the coaster. It's definitely a very uniquely designed woody that doesn't get the respect or attention that it deserves.

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