Lakemont Park and Delgrosso's 6/10/09 Part 2

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After a short drive through torrential downpours we arrived at Delgrosso's Park. Driving up to the park it was rather nice to see the Pharaoh's Fury in the distance. The rains stopped as we pulled into the parking lot behind the water slides, and proceeded across the bridge to the park. My intention was to get a wrist band, and at $12.95 it seemed a bargain until we realized no rides were operating. We decided to take a stroll around and take in the park. I have to say that being that Lakemont and Delgrosso's are so close, once visiting both you see that they are a world apart. Where as Lakemont has the carnival like atmosphere, Delgrosso's is a very beautiful, shaded park that is clean and full of friendly and helpful staff.

We went over to get dinner, as we still did not see any rides operating, and figured it may be due to storms in the area. Now Delgrosso's claims to have the "Best Amuesement Park Food in America", and I wanted to see if they lived up to that claim. After paying $7 for spaghetti with meatballs, a side salad, roll, and 20 oz soda it was time to put that to the test. I have to say that even with the rain, the wait for food was close to 25 minutes, and well worth it. I barely finished all that I had on my plate, and while I am still partial to Knoebels, they do come in a very close second.

While eating we notice some movement among the rides, and walked over the "the castle" at Kiddy Kingdom for tickets. We found out that a few of the major rides were closed, as they had sent staff home after the rain storms, and that the park closes all rides due to any rain. They also do not reopen them until they have had time to wipe down the seats. A very odd policy, but something that I attribute to their brand of customer service, and my backside appreciates.

Having only a couple hours until the park closed we opted for enough tickets to get on Space Odyssey, Crazy Mouse, Yo-Yo, and Pharaoh's Fury. Space Odyssey was fun, but I was hoping for more of an experience like Cosmotron back in its hay-day. Crazy Mouse was crazy, and having just the two of us in the car we were spinning out of control by the end. Never laughed so hard, and thought that they were going to have to wipe down my seat again. Of course Yo-Yo and Pharaoh's Fury are just the same flat rides. Before leaving we split a piece of pizza, and got a HUGE bag of cotton candy for $2.50.

Upon leaving, we walked back to see what the fourth new ride would be, and saw the parts of an ARM drop tower next to a few trailers that held the Eli Wheel the park has removed. Also, I saw only one piece of track from Revolution, and two coaster cars. I am not sure what has happened to the rest of this ride, and am worried, as I think it would be the perfect addition to the park.

Overall I loved the atmosphere, the buildings, cleanliness, and the value. Even though close to half the larger flat rides were not operating, I was pleased over all with the park, and definitely would not mind another Spaghetti Wednesday!

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Real men ride wood... coasters that is!
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where did you have your awesome spaghetti dinner?

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That would have been at Delgrosso's. They are quite well known for their Spaghetti Wednesday promotion, and it runs until the end of summer. Its served in the center of the park, under the largest of the pavillions, but just be ready to stand in a long line.

Real men ride wood... coasters that is!

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