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Monday, October 30, 2000 8:04 PM
Showed up at Hershey Friday night. Busy as you know what. Like 22,000. Oddly, not mant on the rides. Chose the $15 wristband. Got on the Comet first. Great ride. A classic woodie. Then got on Great Bear. This is B&M hidden treasure. You do not really have any idea where you are going at night. Fast and really smooth. My head never touched the harness. Then to sooperbooperlooper. I love Anton's old rides. Great in the dark. Again, no wait. Trail Blazer was good. Typical mineride. Had to buy a flashlight for ZOOAmerica. Armband gets you in free. Fancy that. Plenty of kide getting trick or treat bags in the Chocolate Factory tour. All ride are about 4-6 tickets, which are .70 each. No gate charge.
Saturday Night. Hit Lakemont park. $4 gate gets you 13 rides, including 4 coasters. The Tobaggan's inside lights are a suprise at night. Leap the Dips seems to be getting fast, and the Skyliner is always a good ride. Trains look great with purple paint. They brought in a walk thru, and there is a another walk thru for $1, which goes to the local boyscouts. They are also selling sloppy joes for $1.50, and cider for $1. This is really a great deal, with the haunted train and all. The extra price for the Dips has been dropped, by the way. All inclusive.

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