Lakemont 8/31

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I came to Lakemont to get a credit on the oldest coaster in existence. What I got was an awesome traditional amusement park with two good woodies and some amazing flats. So I got in at noon which is opening. I went with a group of 25 so I saved $2 off a Ride And Slide Ticket. So the first thing I went on is Leap-The-Dips and I was the first one that day on it. Leap-The-Dips is really is fun. It's amazing technology for 1902. The drops on it really surprised me despite being in a not so surprising layout.

Next up was the surprise of the day, Skyliner. I knew it was going to be good but not as good as it was. It was fun in the back with the insane air. I rode it 6 times in the back and 2 in the front. After my 1st lap on Skyliner I rode Tobbogan. It feels like prison inside. The lift is vertical and it's freaky. Then I decided to take a ride on their triple spin. It spun alot and more than usual and it lasted longer than most. (After that I learned that rides in Lakemont are long except rollercoasters) Then I went on their mouse, Mad Mouse. It's short and not long at all but fun. Overally banked I say. Then I tackled Lakemont's huge collection of spin and puke rides. There were 6 in a row! A Round Up, a whip-like ride, a tilt-a-whirl, a scrambler and a triple spin. Lakemont sure wants to make you dizzy. After a side trip to an Eat 'n Park just outside of Altoona I was ready to have some more Skyliner rides. After that I went on Lakemont's really l............ooooooooooo.....................nnnnnnnnnn.........g chair swings. It has to be one of the best chair swings out there. Then after another ride on Leap-The-Dips and Skyliner we went home. I really enjoyed Lakemont and would came back sometime when I am in the area.

Skyliner 9/10

GREAT AIR! The flaw is it's too short.

Leap-The-Dips. 8/10

A wonderful old coaster. It is on the short side and could use some more dips.

Tobbogan 7/10

Scary looking and the worst layout is why I rated it low

Mad Mouse 5 1/2/10

It's a wild mouse. Nothing new. What is fun about is that is has many drops and turns.

Atmosphere 9/10

Good but feels more of a fair midway than an amusement park

Coasters 9/10

Lakemont despeartly needs a looper!

Rides 9/10

Great spin and pukes but needs something else.

Overall 9/10

Good park. Needs some improvement but very little.

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