Lake Shawnee - Haunted?

Since I couldn't get the search function to work and couldn't remember if this was discussed here before, I just wondered if anyone has been to Lake Shawnee in West Virginia. It was featured on "Scariest Places on Earth" tonight. It looks creepy.

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Looks rundown more than anything... creepy? nah.
Swoosh I guess creepy is relatively subjective to the individual. Still it's not the kind of place I'd want to go traipsing around in by myself...especially at night. It doesn't exactly have the most family friendly entrance either:

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I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!

Swoosh said:
Looks rundown more than anything... creepy? nah.

Looks like you don't really know much about the place nor did you see the show.....too quick to judge? Yah.

Didn't see the show? Nope. Care? Nah. ;)
I'll back you up thrillerman.. Isaw the show...very creepy lookin indeed. But Im sure you would agree of seeing worse...... Oh.. and bout them Cardinals....
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It's sorta creepy but serene at the same time. I love Karen's galleries. She's an amazing photographer and these recent photos kind of send chills down my spine. The beauty is just breath taking.

I don't believe I have ever been to Lake Shawnee but I plan on it since I am very interested in haunted places/defunct amusement parks. It's only about an hour and a half from me.

Lake Shawnee was discussed before but I am too lazy to look for the original thread. I am glad you brought it back up, though. :)

VERY impressive photos. Not only is the lighting perfect but she really captures the personalities of her subject. Wow!


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I wonder how many monuments there are to the Native American folks that the white people killed.


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^There are several hundred burial mounds in Southern WV. There is one right in the middle of Camden Park. :) Some of them have monuments, some of them don't.


I live about 20 minutes from Lake Shawnee, and this halloween my friends and I decided to take a visit there, (along with hundreds of other people..) We talked to the Owner of the land and he told us stories of how a little girl died on the swings and a boy drowned in the pool, and how it was built on 'the largest' indian burial ground of about 35 acres. He's said he has seen the little girl before but I, and my friends had no such luck. I'm not saying this place isn't haunted, because it is definately erie from the feeling when you first step in until the moment you step out. There were way too many people, too noisy, and too many flashligths to really experience anything, however we talked to the owner and he gave us permission to camp out there whenever we wanted as long as we talk to him first. I don't believe this place isn't haunted but I will certainly find out when we spend the night there. But I will admit it's a really spooky place!
Seanzy, I'll look forward to your trip report lol.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
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Me too! Actually, when do you plan on camping out? That sounds like something I would be into if you don't mind me tagging along. :)


I saw that when it was on. It looked freaky as hell. Especially when they were at the pavillion. And when the team was at the "HQ" and all you hear is screaming through the radio. The main part i remember besides those 2 are when the girl was "locked" in the concession stand. I wouldnt be there for that long. I would have booked when i heard the noices at the pavillion if i were them lol.
Count me in to! lol.

Some friends and I are always looking for a ghost hunting adventure. My friend Rich had talked about getting a group of us to go down to Lake Shawnee after he had seen the show but its kinda a long drive from Youngstown, OH. That's pretty cool that the owner doesn't mind people camping out there. Perhaps I'll have to see if my friends would still like to go there.

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I hate that show, I once saw someone on the other side of a door, pulling it open, and I said to myself. . . Lolz at Supernatural Cr@p. Je Deteste Le Show.

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