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It might be nice for a small park like them, but I'm not impressed at all

Smart move for a small park. I thoroughly enjoyed Tempesto. Hopefully they have a 3 car train instead of the 2 car train to help with capacity. Even though this is a small park it kills that two of your four adult coasters are only 1 train op.

Now that Premier has sold 3 of these coasters in the US. Does anyone else feel this could be the next Vekoma Boomerang? Small, compact and cheap (comparatively) for small to medium size parks to install.

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I have yet to ride one of these, but they don't interest me much. All the back and forth seems silly to me, and for all that buildup, I think it should at least go through the circuit twice.

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I've ridden SFDK's a handful of times and it's interesting but not notable in any way. Combined with pretty poor capacity (I suspect even worse than the already bad boomerangs, at least for the 2 car version) and I really hope these don't get installed all over. It feels very flash over susbstance ala TTD/KK although obviously not quite on that scale.

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I kind of disagree. I mean, if we look at these in a Boomerang kind of way, I'd be willing to bet these are more thrilling (and way smoother) than your Vekoma clones. I'm a big fan of Premier, and if these typically work ok, I'm all for more parks building them. Better than Larson loops right?

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Premier has order for 4 more. Its a very reliable design.

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