Lake Compounce construction tour 3/5

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Went to LC yesterday for tour of constuction of the new lazy river and slide. We had 3hrs. of Q@A with the park manager.They also did some retracking to BD and remodeled the crockpot and ballroom. Everything looks great, we even saw where they stakedout for the new thrill ride. They did tell us what the ride was and even the name of it. I can't say right now because they will be announcing it in a couple of weeks. All I can say is it seats 32 and there is only one other one in the world. If you wish to see pictures of the tour you can see them at . They also told us they purchased antique cars that they will be installing in 2007. The track will be going around the Zoomerang. It was a great trip.LC is a first class org. and the park is going to expand a lot over the next 5yrs.
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According to a post on Rec.roller-coaster its an S&S Screaming Swing. Kennywood is getting one as well in 2006.

EDIT - its also already being discussed here:

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Those things are going up everywhere.

KBF has one, Dorney is rumored to be getting one this year, but the park has made any official announcement other than a tantalizing line saying Dorney is getting ready to "Swing into" the 2005 season, and some mention at eastcoaster. Lake Compounce, Kennywood, and I heard rumor that Morey's Piers is going to be getting one. Any others?

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The others are all 8-seat models like Knotts', though. KW and LC are getting 32-seaters, and won't use them as an upcharge.


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