Lake Compounce and the Haunted Graveyard 10/26

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Friday, October 26, 2001 7:59 PM


Well after a hard week at school my friend and I decided to head to the Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce. We arrived there early and waited a few minutes til they opened the gates at five.  Anyway as soon as I entered the park it was obvious that this place was ready for Halloween.  There were props scattered all over the park, and there were also various haunted houses set up as well.  Anyway, since it was still light out and nothing haunted was open we decided to get a ride on the Wildcat.  The Wildcat ran ok and didn't make for a particuliar awesome ride but it got the job done.

After that, we headed up to Boulder Dash which we walked on to.  Boulderdash was running fast but not at its usual awesome speed.  Anyway, we got three rides in a row on this monster so we were not complaining.

After this we rode Zoomerang and got in line for the main reason why we had entered the park; the haunted graveyard.  After waiting in line for about 20 minutes they opened the gates to the graveyard and people filed up in line.  After getting in line we waited about half an hour before we were ushered in with our group of eight people.  The tour began with a skeleton like creature prying the door open quickly and beckoning us inside.......

The first evil section of the graveyard is called the catacombs and it is definitely scary.  What is so scary about this section is that it is very dimly lit.  There are many black crevices which you can't see into which people may come out of.  Also, the actors look exactly like the props and manequins and most of the props are manequins except for the unexpected few......  Anyway, the hiding places in the catacombs is great as monster come from the ceiling as well as the ground.  After a long walk out of the catacombs you reach the outside cemetary. The cemetary isn't too bad.  it's straightfoward and outside.  However, like most of this attraction you can't tell the difference between props and actors and some of the people near the tombstones are not dummy's. Soon the cemetary wraps around the back and you walk through a haunted trail in the woods.  During this trail there are strobes and cornfields which you need to walk through where wolves and other monsters are hiding ready to jump out at you. Once you make it through this section you quickly go through a sort of village with inhabitant are not happy to see you until you reach a cave apparently called the bat cave.  In this cave you are walking down hill as bats are dimly seen hovering above your head.  Watch our for people hiding in the crevices however.  After going through the cave you come to a straightaway with camaflauge walls, it's interesting to see the people blending in but what you need to watch out for is the hole in the wall and the dead body next to it...... bwahahaha!  Excuse me, anyway after this long eventful walk outdoors you come to the second inside section on the graveyard and that is .....

The Castle vampire!!!!  I did not find this section of the graveyard to be particularily scary however.  There were people in coffins that would pop out of you and some weird scenes but I couldn't help but feel like I've done this before.  After this not too long indoor section, your outside again and this time walking a trail where you get to see some murders of local walkers who look a lot like the people you saw in line earlier...... Anyway, if you manage to escape from certain doom you have a short eventful tunnel with some startling sounds you will come upon the next section of the graveyard......

The torture chamber/ devil's hell hole.  Once again this was not the best indoor haunted part but it did have its bright spots.  A large portion of this indoor section consisted of prison cells where you can see various gross executions.  Some of the the contraptions may actually be a little more interactive than you wish.  However, I found out that people still popped out at you here but not to the same degree as the catacombs.  Immediately after exiting this section you come into the final and definitely most scary part of the graveyard......

The haunted house!!!!  Now the name may be dumb, but the house is definitely, definitely not dumb.  This house starts off pretty tame going through rooms where maids chase you around and stuff like that.  But this house gets really scary once you enter a room full of black mirrors.  Watch out for people comign through things you thought were mirrors and comind out of nowhere......Also watch out for things that go bump under teh bed.... bwahahaha!  Finally watch out and I mean watch out for thing that you think are walls... oh man lets just say I have never screamed before that part. hehe.  Anyway after that it's a long, dark, blinding tunnel to freedom. There you have it, I probably forgot a ton of stuff but that's the gyst of the haunted graveyard.

Anyway there were two other haunted houses that were open in the kiddie land section of the park.  The first was the fun house.  This is the transplanted version of an indoor section of the haunted graveyard from last year.  This year, however, it wasn't even nearly as scary as it was before. You enter the house, and there are bubbles and stuff to plow through everywhere with a few clowns popping out at you.

The second house wasn't taht great either.  This one seemed to be themed to the Scream movies because everyone in here was a happy ghost or had some other glow in teh dark costume on.  There was only one scary part in this house involving fake mirrors....  anyway they also tried the old neon paint monster blending in with other neon paint but it just didn't work. 

Anyway after doing those houses we did a few more rides on the coaster and left teh park feelign satisfied with our Halloween experiences.

sigh, SFNE goes "tiny" for 2001


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