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After GAdv we wanted to hit Coney Island but decided to forgo because it was a long drive to the nearest reasonable hotel and traffic was bad. I love NY City with the panhandlers sitting on the side of the highway.

So the next day it cooled off and we headed to Lake Compounce. Because of the nicer weather crowds picked up even though we arrived near opening.

After getting in the park we headed for our first ride ever on Boulder-Dash. After an unnecessary long wait because the one train operation, the line spewing out the entrance and long ride cycle we boarded twords the back and pulled down the lap bar 3 clicks (This Isn’t Holiday World after all). The Ride op came buy checked OK, but later she came back told me I was here before and had done something wrong in this previous visit so she pushed it down to 5 clicks (This definitely isn't Holiday World). I am amazing, I can visit parks without actually being there

Well things did get better. PTC lap bars are great even down all the way, They added the 2nd train to Boulder Dash, and the operator who recognized me from my previous visit when I have never before set foot in Connecticut was never seen again. I wonder why that is?

Boulder Dash (CCI ). The appearance of this coater is amazing. It is literally carved into the side of the mountain (Well more like a big hill) hardly any supports are used. There trees and even boulders which surround this coaster all over which adds to the experience. I found my favorite seat to be 1-2. You get a great view of the unique layout and I think the air is felt best up there.

After a climb and twisted first drop the train climbs a little back up and to the side of the mountain. There were a serious of hills where the track goes up then turns directions which supplies a good pop of air with some laterals to go with it. My favorite part is right after the double down there is a hill which supplies some awesome ejector air. At the same time I was getting “ejected” there was a tree branch it looked like I was going to hit (but wasn’t of course) so I tried to duck but could not get my head down do to the ride catapulting me at this thing. A very scary yet fun moment:)

After a final climb the ride swings down back towards the lake and ends in a series of bunny hills. What makes these unique is they all provide a different feeling. Some provide powerful sustained air while others give a quick pop. Throw a trick-track in there and it’s the perfect finale to an amazing coaster. (A+)

Zoomerang (Vekoma Boomer)- best boomerang I have ever ridden, very smooth. Some of the locals think this is the most Amazing ride in the world and gawk at it. Ha! :) (C+)

Wildcat- this rides and feels like a classic wooden coaster. While not intense or anything it’s a fun ride and great for beginners (B-)

WE also did the Dark Ride Ghost shooting thing. Sorry I forget what it’s called, but that ride is great. The car is like a normal dark ride vehicle except it has guns attached, you shoot ghost, and it keeps score .It reminded me of Duck Hunt for 8-bit Nintendo, I was expected the dog to come out and laugh at me when I missed. I scored a 980 (Is that good? ) while my friend tallied a 270. This is a ride everyone will love and all parks should look into something like this.

Capacity- after they put on the 2nd train on Boulder Dash all was good, but really it does not take a genius to see you need a second train when your line is almost out of the queue though. Dispatch intervals were decent, but nothing spectacular. (C+)

Atmosphere / Theming- Quite a relaxed setting along the lake. The park was clean, well maintained, and had an old time charm to it. (A+)

Operation-Besides the early debacle the staff was nice and at some points funny. The only thing that was that the free pop was not easily located and there were few machines dishing it out. Also food prices I thought were high . (A-)

Overall-A classic small park with some great unique rides (A)

I think Lake Compounce has the best ride ops in the world. And do you like S:RoS ( SFNE ) better than Boulder Dash?


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Sounds like a nice day. When I went Boulder Dash had 15 minute waits with 1 train operation early then 2 later in the day.


Although it's tough to compare I think I liked S:ROS @SFNE better than Boulder Dash. I didn't care too much for back seat or middle rides on Boulder Dash, but SROS is insanity wherever.

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