Lake Compounce 08/04

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Long time reader, 1rst time poster... Please be kind.

On Saturday I decided to take the family out to Lake Compounce. I know, an amusement park on a Saturday... UGH!

Started off the day hitting the smaller rides for the three young ones in our group. Rides were a walk on, surprising considering it was well after noon by the time we got ourselves to the park.

After a quick bite to eat, we started the day on an Enterprise. After many years of riding, I still find this ride a nice way to start off the day. After that, we headed right over to Boulderdash. Grabbing a seat in the last car, we managed to get on after only about a 10 minute wait. Nonstop speed and airtime from beginning to end, this ride shows why it is a very good wood coaster amongst the many parks today. I like the many bunny hills after the turn-around which gave huge amounts of airtime and made for a fun ride. Since the wait was only ten minutes we managed several trips through the queue line to enjoy this coaster over and over.

After that, we changed clothes and hit the water park since it was a cool 90 degrees out. Unfortunately I think it was hotter over in the water park section of the park because of the sheer amount of people jam packed in. You could not move 5 feet withour running into anyone.

Overall, I plan on making return trips to Compounce just for Boulderdash.

Jay Iorio

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Bdash is running better than it ever has, I think. I got about 6 rides in Sunday and I'm hard pressed to remember when it was ever better.

Wildcat on the other hand...

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Love that park, and love Boulderdash. That turn around is so crazy intense, just when you think it can't get any faster, you turn, down hill into that series of airtime hills. I wish could have ridden it at night.

Did the out trip still have some pot holes?

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