Lagoon's Roller Coaster has been running for a century

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The White Roller Coaster. Lagoon Dipper. Giant Coaster. It’s been known by many names, but these days just goes by “Roller Coaster.” It’s one of Lagoon Amusement Park’s most popular and enduring rides, and this week, the Utah landmark celebrated its 100th birthday.

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I’ve never been to Lagoon and just this season decided to put it on my short term bucket list. I haven’t studied their calendar to determine how best to accomplish that, but I’m gonna try. I have a thing for traditional amusement parks and Lagoon is a major that I’m still missing. Plenty of coasters, flats, dark rides, and scenery to be had there.
This is an unusual season, and my guess is it gets pretty busy there. I reckon I’ll shoot for a couple of weekdays if they’re open. If anyone has any advice,...

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I can't speak for what the current season looks like, but I've been there a few times in the past always on a summer weekday. I've found the crowds to be pretty light on my visits. It wasn't dead, but I don't believe I ever waited more than 30 minutes for anything and usually much less. I found the crowds to be rather evenly disbursed throughout the park, small waits for most rides but nothing particularly long.

It may not have any single mind blowing attraction (though Cannibal is pretty cool), but on the whole it really is a fun place to visit.

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Cannibal is amazing, Jet Star 2 as well, and Colossus The Fire Dragon Shwartscough. They have Phlyers that snap better than Knoebels (yeah, I said it,) Dracula's Castle dark ride, and they have the only other of the One Fish Two Fish Up Up Up rides I've seen outside of Islands Of Adventure. (But it doesn't operate nearly as well.) I wrote a rather lengthy TR a few years ago, but I also consider it one of my better TR efforts.

Plan an entire vacation to SLC. It's an amazing town, tons of neat stuff downtown and even more amazing mountain stuff 5 miles away!

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