Lagoon announces Cannibal roller coaster for 2015

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Reaching speeds up to 70 mph, pulling 4.2 G forces and towering 208 feet high, Cannibal was announced Thursday morning by Lagoon, ending months of speculation. Ride elements will include a vertical lift, inverted loop, diving loop, an underground tunnel, a water feature and a feature officials describe as a “beyond vertical drop.”

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Off the top of my head, wouldn't this be the world's tallest (full circuit) looping coaster? Certainly, a Six Flags press release would have emphasized that tidbit a handful of times (in the first sentence). A little surprised they made no mention of it at all.

Edit: I guess there is a Dive Machine overseas that has 5 ft. on it, and while true, Tallest Full Circuit Looping Coaster in the US starts to be a bit of a mouthful.

Not that it's stopped anyone from going that route in the past.

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The trick was to surrender to the flow.

So, when the ride opens, I'd imagine the park president will give an opening speech from a Cannibal Lectern...

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This used to be my home park. So cool to see them putting in something so big! This will hopefully be the new highlight of a pretty nice coaster collection. Further props to them for trying something new, different and designing this "in-house". I guess it is time to take a trip home to see my parents sometime next summer.

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Their statement that the name was derived from the idea that "this eats all other coasters" scares me a little. Lagoon is the only US park with two operational Schwarzkopfs, and I don't want them eaten!

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I couldn't simply vote that up, invy. That's awesomely clever...

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

Thanking you kindly, but don't encourage me, my usual puns are way lower quality ;)

Ok, everything about this ride so far is strange. Or maybe I'm not getting it.

Where does one go to view a rendering of this announced ride? I'm guessing nowhere, cause I can't find it. The description in the press release is no help whatsoever and the accompanying renderings in the photo gallery either look like weird cross sections, or concept story-board art. The model shows an entrance (maybe?) with animals like elephants and such and looks like a middle school science project. The rendering shows a tower of some kind, enclosed, that could very easily house either a vertical lift or an elevator lift, and the drop is partially visible. Further, we see a top view of spiral track surrounded by rocks, mountains, and water falls. Lastly, the tower building and what looks like the station have a look more suited to a waste treatment plant than something native.

I've never been to Lagoon, and I can assure you it's on my bucket list. It just seems like the strangest, quirkiest park for some reason, and this ride and it's name so far bear testament.

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My guess is they'll follow the marketing strategy behind Coney's Thunderbolt. Since it also had an "undisclosed element" there's a real limitation in animation design. We'll get some short video bursts maybe, but you'll likely never seen a complete ride animation because the hush-hush nature is part of the suspense-building.

Remember the Tomb Raider - that Siebert guy does it as well as anybody!

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New plus notes has some sparse renderings of the ride that I'm having a hard time interpreting.

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I agree. One of the pictures shows what looks to be an incomplete, dead end track at the bottom of a drop in front of the tower. It's looks strange. The renderings look kind of amateurish too.

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Black out Time!!!

Here's a Video of the very First Test Run:

and a Close Up Video of it Testing:

This is the Tallest, Fastest, and Steepest "In House" Turnkey Coaster Project in History. :)

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