Lagoon 07 coaster stats/layout leaked

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Although not officially announced by Lagoon it seems stats and layout rendering have been leaked at

The trains will be launched then rise vertically to a height of 35 m (115 ft), the train crests the top hat and drops vertically back to earth, reachin a top speed of 90 kph (56 mph). The ride features a camelback hill, a horseshoe turn, a zero-g roll, an Immelman and a "half pipe". Trains will be lapbar-only!

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Hehehe, Spring '07 baby! Thanks Moosh.... :)

Gotta catch that Miller and the Anton while they're still up and running....and this doesn't detract from my excitement in the least... :~P

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Nice. Sounds like an excuse for a trip up the 15.

"I go out at 3 o' clock for a quart of milk and come home to my son treating his body like an amusement park!" - Estelle Costanza
Next year will be my first trip to Lagoon, apparently just perfect timing. Can't wait to see how this coaster performs.
Looks like the perfect ride for that park. I'll get out there one of these days!
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Any chance CDM will host an opening event for this? Heck, I'll take any event from Chain Dog for that matter! :)

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Good to hear that Zierer is doing something else than those damn ladybug/tivoli coasters ALL over Europe.


This will be a great addition to their park. After putting in some decent smaller coasters in the past few years this will really help out.

Now I am just waiting for them to put in some decent wood to the north of the park...maybe a GCI or even some S&S wood since they are so close to the factory. Does anyone know for sure if Lagoon owns all the land to the north of the park? I have wondered that for years...

After watching the video...where's the Immelman? All I see is a sweeping turn up into the brake run...I see no Immelman there...

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

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FYI, animation here:

BJ4L - I didn't see the Immelman either but there's something else intersting in the animation: the restraints shown are OSTRs.

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I have to speak up for Zierer's other work...not a huge fan of the trains on their earlier work, but the Tivoli and Flitzer models are really well as Jaguar! and the Ripsaw at MoA, are really sweet rides too.
Track has arrived, and it looks like the framing for the station is going up.

- Aaron K

looks interesting, but where is the animation on that site?
I agree with gator, I've been on quite a few fun Zierer coasters. Maybe their launched models will be more reliable than Intamin's?

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