Labor Day Crowds at Knoebels

How are the crowds at Knoebels this coming holiday weekend? I can't find any trip reports from last year on this weekend. Anyone know?




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I can't say how the crowds were for last years Labor Day weekend but I was there during this years Memorial Day and July 4th holidays and while the park was fairly full, wait time were reasonable as always.



On Saturday of LDW there is a split session hand-stamp, something like one good for 12-5Pm and another from 5-10PM. It grew out of a Knoebel program of kindness started decades ago, an "employee appreciation day" during which the POP sessions were actually split apart by an hour's pause, when all rides closed and operators trekked to a catered meal served by the Knoebel family and friends. As time went on, the larger number of employees as well as the larger number of patrons made the absolute closing impossible and now employees are shuttled to their own picnic up in one of the pavilions starting mid-afternoon and going until early evening.

Hence the unusual schedule for Saturday. It will be busy and full of weekend handstamps - read: some of the longest ride lines of the year.

Sunday and Monday are tickets-only. The Sunday crowd are augmented by a full campground and numerous families still making good on an earlier-summer promise to get to the park "sometime this summer". Lines will be on the larger side for Knoebels, which is, of course, still rather short when compared with many...

On Monday most of the campers have departed. The crowd is of a decent size but not nearly so large as on Sunday.

So you have three distinct crowd sizes and types over the three weekend days.



I hope I'm part of the Labor day weekend crowds, my family has been camping labor day weekend for 10 years, this year is the first year I cannot make it (work). As said there are 3 different kind of crowds, the largest on Saturday. It's interesting how the campground completely clears,a bazaar site actually, its almost instantaneous, as we are part of that crowd that clears our monday morning too, lol. I'm pretty sure I WILL make it one day up there (or 2 perhaps, sunday and monday), but I'm already looking forward to NEXT LDW when I can continue the tradition again.
Hmmm, Saturday sounds like a tickets kind of day to me.
Not totally on topic, but where are the PPP 2007 details... I couldn't find them anywhere.
heres the PDF link SFGAdv lover:
I got that from google searching *gasp*
Phoenix Phall Phunfest 2007, lol...

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You can also get there from the Knoebels home page by clicking the link (circle) that says "Media and Downloads." It seems like it would be under the calendar of events, but the media link is where they place all their brochures and such.
"and whatever else we can come up with"

Good one.

Thanks P18, I was stupidly googling 'PPP 2007'.

Jim S. said:
"and whatever else we can come up with"

Good one.

Like, I don't know, possibly another coaster?

Why is "Not" capitalized in "Do Not send money"? At least they didn't use a contraction.
No problem SFGADv lover. I'll have to jump on the registration for that soon, I'm glad it's the 6th, as I always have Saturdays off, and I have my first Frightfest 2 weeks after that (my first Frightfest, hell even my first Six Flags park, and it's not even at Great Adventure. I'm driving up to SFNE and staying at a coaster friend's house up there for a weekend)

Sadly I didn't make it up Labor Day, as I miss Knoebels already. I also missed my niece's first coaster rides on Phoenix and Twister, she LOVED them! Would have been so much fun.

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