LA Times posts, then apparently pulls, round up of Six Flags 2012 attractions

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In an article dated for September 1, at 3:30 a.m. (presumably Pacific time), the LA Times posted a round up of attractions being introduced by Six Flags for the 2012 season. While still linked to from their travel page, the article appears to have been pulled. It included "X-Flight" being named for Six Flags Great America, as a B&M "wing coaster," and drop towers attached to Superman at Six Flags Magic Mountain, to be called "Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom."

You can see the article as it appeared on Google's Web cache.

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I think I see what happened there. Google cached the page at 3:33 GMT, which implies that the story was embargoed to 3:30 a.m. Pacific, or 6:30 Eastern, only their content management software was treating the time like GMT. That's a rookie software mistake.

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400 foot droptower? Sounds awesome. Let's hope it's an Intamin, not an S&S

Launched coaster for Discovery Kingdom? Sounds good!

The LA Times article was pulled, but this site snapped screen shots of the conceptual rendering of the rides and posted them -

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Holy frikin balls! Hopefully I get to ride some of these rides before the world implodes.

Video from SF on all attractions! Love the drop tower idea at SFMM.


Looks like Keith has been busy this year... Good for him, his videos are awesome. Not like that NL crap like Hershey... I mean, your spending millions on a ride, what is a few thousand to get an amazing video with it for marketing?

Looks like I may finally get to Chicago... X-Flight looks incredible!

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X-Flight was confirmed this morning by Six Flags Great America on their Facebook page. I have to say that X-Flight looks amazing! I cannot wait to ride it. That said, S:UF at Discovery Kingdom looks like the winner here! They just have to make sure to stay below that pesky height requirement ;)

Certain victory.

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I just wish SFDK could have found a way to keep Big Spin and add in this ride. Based on the animation that is where S:UF will go. Wonder where Big Spin will end up.

^ I believe an old Gene Autry song answers that best... "South of the Boarder... down Mexico Way"... (at least that's what the rumors are pointing towards).

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If you can't stand the heights, get out of the line.

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That's a shame. I really liked that layout for Big Spin. More than the Texas pair, anyway.

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