La Feria Chapultepec Magico 5/15/2007

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I spent this past week in Mexico City. I had originally planned to visit La Feria Chapultepec Magico and Six Flags Mexico, but due to time constraints I was only able to visit La Feria. Tuesday morning we took the Metro to Chapultepec Park and took the long walk through the park to the amusement park. The park itself is a beautiful walk. They have a lake with paddle boat and row boat rentals, and if you are into history, the anthropology museum is unbelievable.

The walk through the park to La Feria took about forty minutes. Right near the entrance to the park is the newly relocated Montana Infinitum, which unfortunately was not operating the day I was there (it was, however, operating the next day when we rode by).

My first ride of the day was Cascabel, formerly of Kennywood. This coaster was what I was most excited about for my entire trip. When I was a girl, I went to Kennywood every summer with my family. My mother would never permit me to ride the Laser Loop, as she claims to have been scarred for life by getting stuck on the Comet, Jr. at Nay Aug park in Scranton when she was a little girl. It was as awesome as I always thought it would be. I'm a big fan of shuttle loops, and it was intense. Another big plus, no line.

Next up, I went on the walk through haunted house. This was actually really scary, and it was probably intensified by the fact that I am not really great at understanding spoken Spanish, a fact that I discovered when I arrived in Mexico City. I can read Spanish capably, but I don't really know any one that speaks the language aside from some patients where I work. Therefore I never really practice conversational Spanish and it definitely made for a unique experience. They have a group of people hold hands and walk through the ride, and I'm sure that some of the teenagers in there with us got a chuckle out of my shortcomings. They were really nice and cool to us, and I had so much fun. I really love the kind of haunted house where there are actually actors in costume scaring the crap out of you.

Next up we rode Raton Loco, a spinning mouse. I'm not really a huge fan of these (except for Exterminator) and this one was nothing I would ride more than once.

Lastly we rode Montana Rusa, an awesome wooden two sided coaster with a continuous track (ok - I had to look it up, a Mobius coaster). They were only running one train and I only ended up taking one ride because we were pressed for time. This ride was amazing. It certainly wasn't the best wooden coaster I've ever ridden, but the views of the city from atop the hills are breathtaking and it is a very unique experience.

I wish we had more time. The park looked to have some nice flats and a log flume that I would have liked to have ridden. There is so much to do in the city that we didn't have time to fit in half of what we had planned. For those planning a trip to La Feria (which I would highly recommend - it's a cool little park) I would recommend either taking a taxi or the Turibus that makes several tourist site stops throughout the city. It goes right to the front of the park. The long walk back to the Metro through Chapultepec after a hot afternoon riding rides was exhausting (there is a closer Metro stop to that side of the park, but we were unable to find it). I hope to make it back the the D.F. one day to ride Montana Infinitum and visit Six Flags Mexico.

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