Anyone ride this? Just got my ACE news yesterday, and from what I read, supposed to be a great ride. Looks like Vekoma is trying to make real strides in terms of rideability. No shoulder bars - can these trains be used on the SLC's? Anyone know?

I could see Holidayworld getting something like this. *** Edited 10/4/2007 5:35:00 PM UTC by J7G3***

Yes. It's great.

Wow. That looks fun. I love how it busts through the building. Great theming right there. The lap bars look awesome too. I would love to see a surge in lap bar only coasters in the coming years. Am I dreaming? Probably. But, it'd still be cool. :)
I don't think you're dreaming! Look what happened to most of the Premier shuttles - they have lap bars now.

I think the industry is aware of the crappy experience most OTSR rides give....

As they are now, the trains cannot be used on an SLC as the wheel arrangement is different. However I think any park that owns a Vekoma Family Suspended (like the Reptars), should look into have their trains modified like these. It was amazing how much different this ride is without an OTSH. It was so open and free it was almost unnerving.

I'm not sure if this type of lapbar only restraint would work on an SLC. The current SLC trains do not flow well through the elements. Every time I ride I seem to get tossed front to back as much as I do side to side. I'm afraid without any upper body support, and very little to hold on to, it would still be a rough ride. There may be clearance issues involved too if people are able to lean to the far left and right from the waist. I would like to see some type of soft over-the- shoulder harness on an SLC like Intamin used on the Zacspin coaster, or Vekoma has on their Flying Dutchman.

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^ You mean like THESE?

Edit: I believe that is on El Condor at Walibi World - the first SLC coaster. *** Edited 10/4/2007 7:27:22 PM UTC by halltd***

Those look more comfortable than the standard padded metal tube!
The picture halltd posted is the new restraint for SLCs. The original plans looked more like a rubber vest, but in reality the restraint looks more solid.

The non-looping cars just have the lapbar in addition to the very reclined seating position.

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