Knotts Solace Event Date Announced

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Hmm I thought this event was for all coaster clubs. But it says ACE only on the flyer.

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It says that the exclusive in-park offers are for ACE members only. I think the event is open to everyone.

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Hmm. That's just one week after I get back from WDW, but might be worth a swing through. I've got frequent flyer miles *and* some leftover timeshare points...

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FYI, SFMM has been holding their own event that same weekend, on Sunday. Nothing announced yet as far as I know.
Solace is open to anyone belonging to a recognized enthusiast organization, including CoasterBuzz Club among others. As far as the ACE only perks, I would surmise it has to do with the long standing relationship that Cedar Fair has with as that organization.
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Cedar Fair as a whole has no such relationship. Knott's especially is one of the most autonomous parts of the company.

I'll be in Las Vegas that day. I think LA is probably a little out of the way.

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I beg to differ. When ever there is a need to fill seats for a media event or a film shoot, it's the ACE rep that gets the call. On the Discovery Channel shows that featured Knotts those were ACE members riding the coasters and getting drenched on Perilous Plunge. While there may or may not be a formal relationship, Cedar Fair has supported ACE and vice versa. I call that a relationship
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Hmm, if I can find cheap airfare...

Certain victory.

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No, there is no corporate-level ACE relationship because there are no common points between the parks in terms of the marketing, prior to the creation of a corporate marketing VP when they acquired Paramount Parks. Individual parks, sure, have various relationships, but it's not a company-wide phenomenon.

And I can tell you having sat on many of those media events and film shoots that ACE people as a percentage are low.

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Jeff said:
ACE people as a percentage are low.

By number, not volume, I'm guessing.

I keed! I keed!

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Solace was a blast in 2005, in addition to all the new parks I got to during that week. That was one of the best trips ever!

I won't be going this year, though. :(


I'll be there. :)
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*sigh* Once again this event falls on a weekend that my chorus is performing. So much for using those free flights on Southwest that weekend!

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Actually Mamoosh, it's not a SFMM sponsored event, it's a RideWorld private buyout (and as of last year a RideWorld/TPR event) that's open to everyone.

Last I heard, it's still on for this year. Not much included except ERT, but you can get a lot of laps in those two hours.

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There is/was no such buyout. In fact, ALL Six Flags season passholders are allowed to participate for free (unless they happen to change that for this year). Buyouts are exclusive and specifically bar season passholders (as well as the single-day park-goer)

The event is sponsored and co-ordinated by Rideworld/TPR, but that's about it.

I've been going the past 3 years which is why I always renew my Magic Mountain season pass for $50 even though I live 3000+ miles away from the park :)

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More info on West Coast Bash:

West Coast Bash flyer

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I'm assuming that X will not be open at all that weekend due to the refurb?

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That's a pretty safe assumption, I think.

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