Knott's Scary Farm

Friday, August 30, 2013 2:58 PM
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Hey everyone. So I'm planning my first trip to Knott's Scary Farm this halloween season, and we're looking to go to the park on a Thursday, and then hit up Scary Farm that same night. Just curious if anyone is well-versed with this event and has some tips for making the most of it.

I'm guessing crowds are generally lighter since it's on a Thursday night, but with the reputation of their haunt, I'm curious if we'll be able to do everything without the Skeleton Key pass.

Anyway, if anyone has some tips, they'd be appreciated.


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Friday, August 30, 2013 4:00 PM

I haven't been in a few years so I don't know how much it has changed. We would spend the day riding the rides and stuff, then spending the night doing the haunt stuff.

The lines for the mazes were pretty much a long continuous serpentine. They didn't split you in groups and slow them down. We usually had enough time to hit all the mazes and ride the haunted flume and mine ride.

The Hanging was a cool show, too. They pretty much rip on all the celebrities that have been in the news for the year and kill them.

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Saturday, August 31, 2013 10:10 PM

Went last year, on a Thursday, so here is my best advice:

1. The daytime will be d-e-a-d dead. I marathoned Silver Bullet, saw all the shows, did multiple rides on all the coasters and was honestly starting to get bored with the park because of how dead it was. I really did everything, it was fun.

2. The Calico Mine Train is decorated for halloween, and they do the same ride during the day they do at night, so knock this one off during the day.

2. Buy their dinner deal, not only is it a very nice buffet, it gets you early entry into 4 mazes. You will finish those mazes before the event actually begins and gives you a huge leg up on knocking off the mazes. Once the park actually opens, just do the mazes in geographical order first thing. I only waited 20 minutes for one maze, everything else was <15 min.

3. Dont miss the Hanging, its fun. Also, Elvira will be there this year and I imagine that has to be a fun show. I saw the Mystery Lodge show last year too and enjoyed that.

4. The lines for the coasters will be very long during the event, I would not plan on getting many night rides in. I waited more for Silver Bullet at night then I did for any maze.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013 1:37 PM
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^Great tips! Thanks for the heads up. We'll be planning accordingly. Do you know if the shows have specific times, or are they just continuously running?

I call Cedar Point my home park even though I live in the Chicago Suburbs.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 8:07 PM

The shows have specific times.

2020 Trips: Canceled by Corona


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