Knott's Quickie 6/16

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No, the crowds weren't light enough for the "quickie" you are thinking of. :)

We were heading up to Orange County to meet family friends to celebrate their son's graduation with a nice dim sum feast yesterday. Since that wasn't until 1 and it was in Irvine, just a few minutes down the 5 from Knott's, we decided to see the results of the newly refurbished Timber Mountain and catch a ride on the Coast Rider and perhaps catch the front of Xcelerater.

We arrived just in time to hear Whitney Houston sing the national anthem (is this standard in other Cedar Fair parks?) We power walked to Timber Mountain and made it on one of the first few logs of the day. I was mildly optimistic. Playing with this ride is playing with my childhood. But initial reviews sounded positive and I'm a fan of Garner Holt's work.

The first lift hill through the sawmill had us sold. It was jam packed with a dozen or more fully articulated animatronics. It was almost too much to take in all at once. The figures, with unblinking eyes, were quite creepy. But the previous figures were also creepy in a way, so it does keep with the spirit of the old version, and the faces are done very well. I wonder how many were based on real faces from Garner Holt's company or Cedar Fair?

Inside the mountain the sets were very well lit and there is now a bit of a storyline. I enjoyed the animaltronics, especially the dog. I caught a small tribute to Pirates of the Caribbean. It all goes by very quickly, but is so well done, you'll find yourself back in line for more. Don't expect Splash Mountain, but it is very fun and I was taken in by the sheer number of animatronics.

Afterwards we headed over to Xcelerator for a quick jaunt in the front row. I noticed a couple of different riders ahead of us who were allowed to ride with glasses. But when I boarded, I was asked to take them off. I asked about the previous riders and was told that it was OK to wear glasses with straps (one of the riders did not have straps). I asked if that extended to the other coasters in the park, but they weren't sure. I'll bring a strap next time to test whether I was being placated or if there really was a change in policy. I'm hoping for the latter of course.

The ride ops along with all of the other employees we encountered were very courteous, friendly, and professional. I wasn't surprised though because this has been the norm for the past few visits. Thank you Knott's!

The new rides that replaced Perilous Plung are in a great setting. I especially loved the Coastrider's nice grassy lawn setting. It was like we were riding a coaster in someone's backyard. I hope that stays. I kind of wish there was a bit more shade in the area, but the theme is seaside, and you can always get plenty of shade in Ghosttown or Camp Snoopy.

After a trip through the Calico Mine, another lap on Timber Mountain, and taking in the stunt show, were were off to Irvine with big smiles on our faces. Wow, I think I may be blushing as I write this.

If you find yourself in the area this summer, especially if you have kids, do yourselves a favor and drop by for a day. You'll be glad you did. Don't forget the Boisenberry Punch.

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What a great trip report, complete with old rides, new rides, re-done rides, stuntmen, boysenberries, dim sum, and a little sex. Sounds like a great day!

I've always loved Knott's, although I've only been there a few times. I was there pre-Cedar Fair, just after the takeover, then later. I initially wasn't too happy with CF's influence, but on my last visit I could see smarter choices on their part. And now that they've taken care with an original, classic attraction I can't wait to go back someday.

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Rumor now has it that Knotts is "testing" a policy that allows riders to wear SECURED glasses on the coasters at the park. *Fingerscrossed*....

I'll believe it when I "see" it.

Voted up for the first line (although I did read and enjoy the whole thing)

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