Knott's Berry Farm March 22, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012 7:32 PM

So this is my first post.EVER.
On March 22nd, 2012 my friend took me and my brother to Knott's Berry Farm. I am absolutely obsessed with coasters and throughout the hour and a half long drive I stated facts about Knotts' coasters. We expected it to be dead but it was surprisingly more crowded than we were hoping. Oh well. Our group was debating to see who could spot the first ride. My friend and I tied, they saw surpreme scream while i saw windseeker. I squealed with excitement ( even though i go every few months )
We arrived and everyone wanted to go on ghost rider first. Ghostrider is one of my favorite woodies, even though it can be very smooth or unbelievably painful. the line was pretty long. I had only been on this ride when it had a 20 minute line at the most. And to make it worse, they were only running one train. after waiting for an hour, they bring out another train and it takes another half hour for that to test. I was feeling tortured. Finally we got on the ride and had a smooth fun experience since we sat in the back. I was yelling out all of the elements on this coaster. 9.5 out of ten
Next we got lunch(but i dont need to talk about that)
After lunch we got on Montezoomas Revenge that had like noooo line. This ride is so underrated; it never has a long line. My friend decided not to ride at the last minute so i sat with his sister. I wish this ride had OTSR's because i always feel like I'm going to fall out. I hate not feeling secure on a looping coaster. Fun ride. 8 out ten
We hit up La Revolucion. My friend and my brother enjoyed this but i find it very boooring. Then the swinging pirate ship which made us all a little sick. Then windseeker, which is very overrated. We went to supreme scream. I didnt go on since i already had the credit and drop towers scare the heck out of me but i usually make myself go on them. I am sooooo glad i didnt go because it broke down while my brother was riding it.
Everyone wanted to ride the log ride so we went on that. and then bigfoot rapids.
Then we went on Silver Bullet. It had like a five minute wait. My brother wasnt tall enough and my friend didnt want to ride. We sat second row and my OTSR wasnt tight enough and the ride attendants didnt make it tighter so i was like pushing down on it the whole ride. Very fun. 9 out of ten.
I was sad because riptide didnt open all day. oh well. Then we went to boomerang. Again i felt like i was going to fall out. Ugh boomerangs and slcs give me a HEADACHE! I was shouting out "Really, Vekoma?" afterwards. 4.5 out of ten
then xcelerator broke down so we waited for it to open. It did so i went on. It was my brother's first time. Gosh that ride feels fast. This is one of my favorite coasters that ive been on (i havent been on many but this summer I'm going to HersheyPark Kings dominion Kings island and cedar point. I've been to sfmm sgdk sfgam here and assorted small parks) 9.5 out of ten
they boys wanted to ride la revolucion but i didnt so my friends sister and i rode montezoomas revenge in the front. 8.5 out of ten
it was almost closing so we went on bigfoot rapids again and got soaked. I did NOT want to go on and was pretty mad i was forced to go on.
It was a fun day. Thanks for reading! :)


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