Knott's Berry Farm June 9

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My dad decided to take me and my brother to Knott's Berry Farm for a few hours yesterday. We had bought platinum passes our last visit so we could get into Cedar Point, King's Island, and King's Dominion this summer. I knew it was going to be crowded because there were a lot of cars parked in the parking lot (where we ate lunch from the back of my dad's car). We also noticed they were running all three towers of Supreme Scream.

We entered the park and went to season pass processing or whatever it's called and got $15 dollars back for parking. First ride up was Montezooma's Revenge. It was about 3 o clock at the time. The wait looked like it was about twenty minutes, since it's a shuttle coaster, but it was only about 5 minutes. I don't know why this ride never has a line, It's really fun. It feels like you fall off the track after the loop. 9 out of ten.

Then my brother, who's 52 inches tall, wanted to ride the huff and puff thingy in camp snoopy. It was his last time riding because he will be too tall next time. It was funny, though, watching him ride with the little kids.

My favorite ride there, Xcelerator, was closed. So my brother went on the dark blue side of Supreme Scream. I'm not a fan of drop towers, but I've been on this ride twice and that's enough. I will go on Power Tower, and the drop towers at KI and KD and if I go to Dorney, I will go on Dominator. I don't like riding them if I already have the credit.

My brother and I went to the park's wipeout named Wipeout. So creative. I was afraid I would get sick on it, but I wanted the credit. Well I didn't get sick, but my brother squished my shoulder. It's kind of like that spinny ride at sfmm over by batman but turned on it's side. Well, it ran a pretty good program, minus the squishing. 6 out of ten

We checked the line for Boomerang but it was not worth. I mean it looked it was like 1 hour and a half long line. For a VEKOMA! So we stood in line for the Timber Mountain Log Ride for about 20 minutes and rode. I just love this log flume. It's my second favorite after Splash Mountain. I can't believe this was made a really long time ago. I really love how it's indoors. 9.5 out of ten.

We rode the Calico Mine Ride which is fun as always. Not much more to say. 8 out of ten.

We watched a rehearsal of a new stunt show over by the mine ride. It was really cool. They flipped a lot and did cool trampoline and biking tricks. My feet were hurting though so we went to Ghostrider to find a 40 minute wait.

Here's a tip for Ghostrider, DO NOT SIT IN THE FRONT!. I sat in the middle, near the front and ow! I have a love hate relationship with this thing. My dad found it a bit bumpy and my brother loved it. I'll sit in the back next time. 6 out of ten.

We left after that and got dinner. Thanks for reading.

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