Knott's Berry Farm, DCA, and SFMM- 12/30/03-1/1/04

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12/30/03-Tuesday- Knotts Berry Farm

We drove into the park around 10:00. I admired the huge pink thing with the fast train(aka xcelerator). My uncle had already bought our tickets, so we went right in to the park. My brother, dad, uncle, and me went straight to Xcelerator. Man what a great ride that is. The launch is just as intense as TTD, but the top hat is better. And then there is the added bonus of the overbanks. And since Xcelerator only had a 30 second wait we did it again twice.

After Xcelerator my brother and Dad and Uncle went to do boomerang while I did Xcelerator again. Man 4 times in 20 minutes. Im glad I didnt do Boomerang, because they all got off saying what a terrible ride it is.

Then we went over to Ghostrider. I was amazed at how big the line was compared to Xcelerator. We waited for 1 hour and Xcelerator was only 30 seconds. But Ghostrider was a pretty good ride.

The rest of the day I did Xcelerator 3 more times for a total of 7 rides. I also rode Supreme Scream, Montezooma, Jaguar, and Xcelerator.

I was suprised on how good of a pak Knotts was. I would definatley go back again.

New Years Eve- DCA

Again my Uncle already had the tickets, so we walked right in.

The first thing we did was get fastpasses for Soarin' over California and then we got in line.

Man that is the greatest simulator i have ever been on. We were on the first row in the middle and it feels like you are flyin over california. It even has smells when you fly over the orange groves. Just this ride is worth the price of the ticket for California Adventure.

We rode it again with the fastpasses.

Then we headed over to paridise pier to ride California Screamin. That is a great ride too. The launch is exactly the same intensity as Wicked Twister and the loop and bunny hops are great. The added bonus of the music makes this the best ride in the park. I rode it 4 times that day.

I then rode Maliboomer(S&S Power shot tower). Only one thing wrong. There is glass in front of your face, because they dont want you spitting from the top. It takes some of the thrill away.

Then we went back to the Disneyland Hotel to swim at 3. I had dinner at 5 and then went back in to the park to see the Electrical Parade. That parade has a heck of alotta lights. I sat right at a transition of the show, so the music was doubled up. It was a little confusing.

After the Parade, I rode California Screamin. That is a great night ride.

Then I watched the 8:35 fireworks.

1/1/04 SFMM

Got into the park at 11

9 rides including Scream were down.

That view of X is pretty cool as you come into the park, so we went to X first.

First train of the day. Man that was a great ride. The first drop is so AWESOME. The ride is so disorenting.

It all went downhill after X.

As we got in line for the second ride, they were still running one train, so it made what should be a 3 minute wait, a 15 minute wait. And my uncle went after me, he got stuck in the break run for 10 minutes.

We decided to head to the back of the park.
WE got on Psychlone. What a horrible woodie that was. The restraint even wouldn't release when we got back into the station. So the guy had to get a bar and push on the release button on every car on the whole train.(only one train running too)

Over to Riddlers Revenge at the One train per ride park.

God this park made me mad. Only moving 32 people per 4 minutes is un-acceptable. It made what should be a 30 minute wait, into a 2 hr wait. We bailed after a half hour, cause the line was not moving.

We went over to Batman the Ride and waited an hour because. Guess What. Only one train. It should have been a pretty good ride, but because we waited so long it turned into an OK ride.

The last ride of the day made me mad waiting.

ONE TRAIN ON GOLIATH. 2 hours and a half. But that was a good ride.

Over all a very good trip. I added 9 new coasters to my list. I had a great time at Knotts and Disney. Six Flags really ticked me off tho. It was like they werent even trying to please the guests.

If you want to experience a good park in SoCal, go to Knotts of Disney, but not Knotts. *** Edited 1/3/2004 6:00:06 PM UTC by diving Loop***

There are 3 types of people in this world, people who can count, and people who can't.
I dont htink Six Flags MM cares how many ppl are in the park, they only run one train. When I went last June, I waited like 4 hours for X. Pretty much every other coaster had a 2+ hour wait two, and they weer all running only one train! I mean, come on! It was really aggrivating. Luckily, I got Fast Passes and was able to walk on Scream, Goliath twice, and Riddlers Revenge, (but for $15)

I really loved Knotts though. Although, much smaller, it was more "disneylandish" I did the same thing at Knotts too. We rode Xcellerater 5 times, with a less than 5 minute but then was surprised when we went to Ghost Rider to find a close to two hour wait. Next time, im hitting Ghost Rider first! The bad thing about Ghost Rider for first time Knotts visitors, is oyu dont know how long the line really is until you go all the way thorugh it. There was like a downstairs que, then you go upstairs, and **SURPRISE!** yet another long que. The ride was worth it though, so I wasnt mad. And Knotts will be that much sweeter with their new B&M Invert! Cant wait!

And thinking about it now, I kinda wish I had went to California Adventure, but I guess that will be next trip.

Awesome TR!

Those fiberglass plates bolted in front of every Mali-Boomer seat is to reduce noises produced by screaming riders. Not because they don't want people spitting from the top. Not too many people are idiotic enough do that for it to become a big problem, and at a height of 170, spit would be dispersed by the breezes at that altitude anyway before it has a chance to land on anyone or anything down below on the midway.
I had the same experiences when I went this past November.

Knotts was an EXCELLENT theme park (two train operations on everything... er well, everything with the capability) and the park was completely empty!

SFMM however, had huge crowds, and one-train operation on everything. 4+ hour wait for Goliath, S:TE, Dejavu, Flashback, and Revolution were all closed.

SFMM is on the bottom of my list when it comes to anything but the coasters.

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