Knott's Berry Farm 9/24

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I was in CA on Business, and was lucky enough to visit Knott’s Berry Farm for the first time!! Being from the east coast, it is always a pleasure to visit a west coast park. Man, I guess I just am used to Six Flags…Knott’s blew me away in customer service, ride ops, etc. The park was clean, all coasters had multiple trains running, all rides were open…I felt like a was in a dream. One thing I noticed is the freedom the ride ops have. They do not have to follow a script, and are able to have fun and in turn make the wait better for the riders, etc. I entered the park and passed Mrs. Knott’s chicken restaurant…and made a mental note to not eat in the park…and eat a chicken dinner on the way out. I’m glad I did…excellent food!! The first ride was Silver Bullet. Only a 15 minute wait….on a Saturday! I knew I was in for a great day. The new beemer was smooth, and reminded me of Alpengest at Busch Gardens Williamsburg with a slightly different layout of the elements. From there, I rode Accelerator. Twice. Great ride!! Short, but great. Then, onto Perilous Plunge. What a great water ride!! They only had one boat running, and I think there is only one boat on this ride I’m not sure though. A very intimidating ride. There was not one part of me that was not wet. Next was Montezuma’s Revenge. I love old loopers! When I think they were built back in the late 70’s/early 80’s it really puts it into perspective how truly amazing they are. I have ridden Greased Lightning at SFAW before. I thought Knott’s took better care of their looper….it didn’t sound like it was going to fall apart like Greased Lightning.,…but then again Six Flags doesn’t maintain, they just patch. Yes, I am bashing Six Flags. They suck. Visit any park not run by Six Flags and you will say the same thing. I’ve seen the difference and it will be hard to go back. Next to Silver Bullet again. Front row this time…love it! Then to Ghost Rider. Longest wait in the park. Well worth it though. Smooth for a woodie, great coaster! Most of the ride it “inside” the structure….kind of like Texas Giant at SFOT, but again, SFOT does not maintain their rides. I did not exit with a splitting headache…I wanted to ride again but did not want to wait in the line. Last was the S&S drop. Great ride! Tallest I’ve been on. Only two of the three were running, and both were in “hellavator” mode. I love Knott’s. It is a great little park!
/\ Glad you had a great time! Perilous Plunge originally had three boats, but one was cannibalized for parts so now there are two. They tend to only run one boat during the non-summer season. And Supreme Scream (still the world's tallest S&S Turbo Drop) can't change programs. So it's always in "hellavator" mode. ;)
But it can be themed for halloween ... If i read "hellevator" correctly :)

Watch the tram car please....

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