Knotts Berry Farm 8/21/08

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I went to Knotts with my Dad on the 21st August. We had to drive up from San Diego to get their so it was a bit of a trek but I knew we were nearly there when I saw Supreme Scream off to the left of I-5. We got into the park about 15 minutes before the rides opened to fan around the park and get closer to the rides. The first ride was Silver Bullet. I had heard bad things about this coaster saying that it is forceless so I wasn't expecting much it. I ended up getting on the first train of the day in the back right seat.

I enjoyed this ride thoroughly even though it isn't the most forceful invert I have been on, but the ending helix was quite intense. The overbanked turn was the best part IMO.

After silver bullet we headed off to ride Montezooma's Revenge because my Dad didn't feel like Xcelerator right then. When we finally found the entrance to Montezooma's Revenge, it was closed so we carried on to Xcelerator and the first thing that I thought about the ride is that it severely needs a new paint job and that this part of the park was dead. We got in the que to find the ride a walk on. We climbed into the back and was suprised to see lapbars because Stealth at Thorpe Park in England has OTSr's. Also with this ride if you want to be suprised when you are launched then don't look at the traffic lights. The lauch was amazing and the airtime on the top hat was incredible but the overbanked turns after the top hat didn't really do anything for me. I loved this ride and could have ridden it all day.

Next up was my first Boomerang and I didn't think that it was too bad, but I admit that the cobra roll was quite rough. This was an okay coaster.

After this we went and rode Perilous Plunge which was another just okay ride and I was expecting to get wetter because of the sheer size of the drop. I could imagine que's getting really long for this due to 1 train op.

The next ride that we came to was the main train, we rode it because it was a walk on, I didn't like this ride. I didn't ride the Screamin' Swing because of the upcharge and because there is one in England at Thorpe Park that doesn't have an upcharge.

As me and my Dad were walking through ghost town towards Ghostrider we both mentioned how well themed this area of the park is. We got in the que for Ghostrider and in about 20 mins we were on. (The switchbacks up the stairs were a suprise.) We got a seat near the back of the train and off we went. This ride was fun but is definately the roughest ride that I have been on and I was expecting so much more from it. I preferred Cyclone at SFMM.

After this we went and got lunch, we ended up getting pizza from a place called Sutters in ghost town. It was pretty tasty. Monterzooma's Revenge was open so we headed over to it and got 4 walk on rides on it. I lved the forces going through the loop backwards and this made it my favourite ride of the day. The forces are definately stronger the further back in the train you sit. Then we went on Jaguar which was a fairly decent family ride and is worth a ride if you are in the area.

We went back to Xcelerator after this and I rode 5 times in the back, this ride is definately amazing. Then we headed to see the stunt show in ghost town and got to sit in one of the covered wagons at back because we got their early. This show was quite good and you also got great views of Silver Bullet from where we sat.

After the show I went and rode silver bullet 6 times, it was a walk on the entire day. After this we left to start the long drive back to San Diego. I had a great day at Knotts and would definately go back if I get the chance to.

Thanks for reading my trip report. I hope you enjoyed it.

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There was one boat operating on PP? Wow!

Great TR :)

I've never had even one remotely decent ride on Ghostrider. It's an interesting layout, but I never get to appreciate it because of the extreme pain it inflicts on my body.

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^ I must be getting all the decent rides you were supposed to get because I've never had a bad ride on Ghostrider. It's in my top ten wood. Then again, my last two trips were for Haunt and for Solace and I think both times it was coming off of rehab ;)

Certain victory.

You must be lucky. I don't get out to LA more than once a year, so I don't get to ride Ghostrider that often. Even though it's so far away, I would never consider a re-ride. It's always a one and "Yow!", done.

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