Knott's Berry Farm 2/23/05

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After all the rain, I was finally able to ride Ghostrider on Wednesday, 2/23/05. This is a rather short trip report.

I arrive at the park around 2 pm. I renewed my season pass for CF. It was $78.00 this year. Of course, I went to Ghostrider and rode my favorite wooden coaster ...... 24 times in three hours. I did take a break after the ride #15 and went to Silver Bullet and rode that 5 times.

I had to leave at 6 pm. I am hoping that I can come back next year if not sooner. *** Edited 2/25/2005 4:04:49 AM UTC by Woodyman***

Mamoosh's avatar is Ghostrider running now that its out of rehab?
Running very well. Not overly rough but rough enough to know that I was on a wooden coaster. I rode in last 4 rows of the train. They were doing one train operation. I normally do not ride a wooden coaster 24 times in a day, but I was able to ride this. Only other wooden coasters I rode more than 20 time in a day were Racer backwards and the Beast (1:2).

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