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This is report is part II of my California trip (although this part actually happened first). As I mentioned in my Magic Mountain trip report, my family was in Los Angeles over Thanksgiving week for a cousins wedding. On Tuesday, most of the relatives had yet to arrive so we decided to spend the day at Knott’s Berry Farm. Beside myself, there was my sister, her husband, and our mom. Everyone but our mom has Cedar Point season passes, so this was a nice cheap activity.

There were very few people at the park and everything was a walk-on. First ride was the shuttle looper Montezuma’s Revenge. Not much to say about this ride except that going through a loop backwards is always an unusual sensation.

Next stop was Jaguar, which was not very thrilling, but not bad for a family coaster. The theming was nicely done.

My sister was happy to find that Knott’s still had the teacup ride. She visited our aunt and uncle when she was about 8 and they went to Knott’s. She made my uncle ride the teacups over and over again. Her and her husband took a spin this time. Like a lot of rides at Knott’s, it looked like the teacups had just been repainted.

We then rode Excellerator. After spending all summer riding its big brother at CP, this ride did not pack the same punch. But it was still fun and there was no 3 hour wait!

Next we rode the log flume (don’t remember its exact name), which had been redone with a Christmas theme. This was the only ride with any sort of wait. We were all really surprised by this ride. It is definitely one of the best lug flumes I have ever ridden. The pitch-black tunnels near the end added some extra excitement and the Christmas decorations were very well done. We rode it a second time, this time dragging on our mom, who usually doesn’t ride anything. The log flume ended up being our 2nd favorite ride (you can probably guess which one was our favorite).

We then rode the boomerang clone just to add it to our track record.

We got on the incredibly corny mine train ride next. I’m not sure if the ride was supposed to be educational, or funny, or scary. The train operator did a good job really ‘hamming-up’ his part. Either way, its odd little rides like this that adds to a parks character.

Got on the train next. Spent more time sitting in the station then actually riding. The train robbers were a nice touch.

Saving the best for last, we finally made it over to Ghost rider. The first half of the ride is good, but it’s the second half the really makes this ride. I loved those two left hand turns that really toss you around. All of the extra padding in the trains was greatly appreciated. The ride is just non-stop from start to finish. There was no line and we rode it three times in a row. I could have ridden another dozen times but the family was ready for some food.

Since we had ridden everything major, we decided to leave the park. We did some souvenir shopping at the stores just outside the main gate. Purchased many jars of jelly for gifts and personal consumption. Decided to go to the main restaurant and get some of that famous Knotts fried chicken. The food was very good and the service was excellent.

We all really enjoyed our trip. The park was very clean and many of rides looked like that had been painted recently. Its good to see that they are getting a new coaster next year, because they do need a few more big attractions. Hopefully CedarFair can add new rides while still maintaining the parks nice atmosphere.

You didn't ride Supreme Scream? SS's is a lot more extreme than Power Tower's Turbo Drop legs, said from experience.

And the Calico Mine Ride was the first themed amusement ride in the world. It is also a TEA award-winning attraction for its historical importance.

SS's is a lot more extreme than Power Tower's Turbo Drop legs, said from experience.

Really? I didn't notice a big difference. Perhaps I wasn't paying careful attention.

We did ride Supreme Scream. My sister hates drop rides but I dragged her on anyways. I didn't really notice any difference from CP's ride either.

The ride site does not exist. What is the TEA?

TEA's site is

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