Knott's Berry Farm - 7/1/2001

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Monday, July 2, 2001 1:10 PM
I was at the farm yesterday and I'm not going to deprive all you special people from a trip report. I'm just going to review & rate the park's major rides, how they were, so on so on. I might edit this later to include all other rides I took in while visiting yesterday. The rating is on a scale from 0-5, 0 being the worst, 5 being the best.



• What: 118 FT, 62 MPH, CCI Double Out and Back Wooden Coaster

• Pros: First Drop, Insane Air & Laterals, Head-choppers, Constant Acceleration, Smooth

• Cons: Lack Of View Due To New Shaft Covering

• Rating: +5/5

• In My Own Words: An insane wooden roller coaster. Always blows my mind away. It never ceases to amaze me. Packs together all the elements to a complete wood coaster experience. Seems to never loose speed and momentum.



• What: 60 FT, 35 MPH, Zierer Steel Tivoli Coaster

• Pros: Smooth, Great Views, Quite Long For A Family Coaster

• Cons: A Lot Of Drag Due To Long Trains

• Rating: +2/5

• In My Own Words : A very enjoyable and fun steel family roller coaster. Very long and has good combinations of drops, helices, and swift banking turns.


Perilous Plunge

• What: 121 FT, 53 MPH, Intamin AG Shoot-de-Chute

• Pros: First Drop, Splashdown, Ejector Airtime

• Cons: Waterfall Gets Riders Wet Down The Drop

• Rating: +4/5

• In My Own Words : Probably the most insane water flume ever created. Riders are thrown out of their seats as the boat goes over the top of the 77.8° drop. Very steep, very wet. Everyone in the boat gets drenched. Creates a 'you won't believe your eyes' humongous splash.


Supreme Scream

• What: 325 FT, 50 MPH, S&S Sports Power Multi-leg Turbo Drop

• Pros: Un-bearable Ascent, Blast-down, Rebounds

• Cons: Acceleration Is Constant

• Rating: +4/5

• In My Own Words: This is the tallest descending/drop ride in North America. The climb to the top alone could make a rider pass out. The ride has a very forceful drop, -1.5 Gs worth of forceful drop that is. The rebounding allows for a second, but less powerful 126 FT second drop.



• What: 125 FT, 48 MPH, Vekoma Steel Boomerang Shuttle

• Pros: First Drop

• Cons: Jerky Transitions, Pulls Too Many Gs In Some Elements

• Rating: +1/5

• In My Own Words: Your average Vekoma Boomerang Shuttle coaster. This 11 year old model still runs quite well, but for some reason, its lack of originality made me take off on some of its rating score. The ride's minimum hieght restriction was recently changed from 52" to 48".


Montezooma's Revenge

• What: 148 FT, 55 MPH, Anton Schwartzkopf Steel Shuttle Loop

• Pros: Agressive Launch, Loop, First And Second Spike

• Cons: None

• Rating: +3/5

• In My Own Words: Acclaimed by many as the best maintained shuttle loop in the world, this 1978 classic still has a powerful launch, perfect amount of Gs in the loop, and no braking through the station like many other shuttle loops. The ride's trains climb the rear spike so high that it comes to the point where the trains actually hit the track block at the very top.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2001 12:56 AM
was hammerhead still closed?
Tuesday, July 3, 2001 12:45 PM
No, it was open.
Tuesday, July 3, 2001 3:04 PM
I agree about Supreme Scream. I thought that ride would be the death of me. You can't catch your breathe and the intensity gives it a really thrilling ride. I might actually be too scared to ride next time. ;) The ride just freaks me out. Great TR and glad you had fun! I agree with all of your thoughts.


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