Knotts Barry Farm (2/19/07)

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Arived at the park at about 11 A.M.We decided to ride Silver Bullet first thing but to our surprise we where one of about 10 people in the station and walked right onto the front row. After that we decided to take a go on Jaguar and there we saw the construction site of the Serria Sidewinder where the only thing was a big whole a huge pile of dirt and alot of rods. After Jaguar we hit the midway with Boomerang where we also got the front row without waiting just walk on. Xcellerator was the only line all day with a 5 minute wait for the front row (We rode this twice.) It was about 1:30 we decided to go eat the Mrs. Knott's Chicken resturant witch was very good but had a 15 minute wait (It's outside the park so anyone can eat there without paying admission.) Got back into the park road Ghostrider twice. That ride is really rough it didnt use to be I think its the new trains. We went to the indian Lodge for the 4 o'clock show where there was only 10-12 people good show if you all go. :) After that we hit the pear agine road Boomerang 3 times (Twice without gitting off) road the Xcellerator 3 times (Twice in the front row once in the back) hit Silver Bullet road that 4 times and for some reason the water dummies where sitting on the docking platform on the back of them they said "Propertie of B&M" We walked around for a while ate a funnel cake road the log ride and the Calico mine train and decided to hit silver bullet one last time before calling it a day. All in all got alot done and left at 4:30 even tho the park didnt close till 7 but ran out of thing todo :) Any questions just post.

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