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Hey, thanks for the update, Avalanche Sam.

You echo my exact words when you wonder why not bring Mrs Knotts to CP- I've been saying it for years. One day in '06 while I was watching them build Maverick a blue tag in food service told me that the next year Frontier Inn was going back to fried chicken. Well, I was very excited till spring when, come to find out, it is was Chik-fil-A going in instead! So I guess I can always get my mid-winter fix at the mall, huh?

Knott's has always been a strict park about glasses on certain rides, even prior to CF. I rode Darien's ride this past summer. Now, I'm the guy who always has his sunglasses on and don't do a strap, and I'm very sure that no one instructed me to remove them. Moto Coaster is pretty tame, tho, and has a very small footprint- perhaps Knott's ride has a bit more snap to it, and is long enough in layout to justify a no glasses policy. But if there's some manufacturer's edict out there, I'm pretty sure Darien wasn't hip.

I like Knott's-I'm glad you had a good time and were able to take advantage of your CF pass!


TTD, Maverick, WT? Yep, yep and yep.

Pony Express? No?

Does not compute.

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If Zamperla recommended that, then CAL/OSHA-DOSH would take that to be gospel. So even if the general CF policy on this would allow headstraps, the state would supercede that.

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They have (or did the last time I was there) the same policy on Xcel. No glasses, even with a strap.

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^And on Hammerhead. Mark me down as "not fond of KBF's policies".....but if they were State-mandated as Dutchman suggests (would explain the variation from other CF parks' rules), wouldn't the same level of absurd scrutiny persist at the other California parks?

It would depend upon what the individual manufacturers reccomend, and what office of DOSH is responsible . I've found that the Southern CA office goes nuts over certain things, while the Northern office would give the operations some slack and vice versa. There is some interpitation of the rules and regs by individual inspectors, I've had some first hand experience with that.

SFMM and Knotts are the two parks I go to the most. Knotts is generally much more strict about loose articles.

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^ Yup. I was on a Supreme Scream carriage once...when only about 1/3 of the way up the tower, the carriage was then slowly brought back down. We thought it was a malfunction of some sort.

Turns out it was because a rider on our carriage was spotted with a camcorder in hands by one of the ride hosts.

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