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Monday, August 20, 2001 9:45 AM
This was my first time at Knott's Berry Farm and what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality.  Compared to SFMM Knott's doesn't have very many coasters but Ghostrider absolutely kills the 2 wood coasters at SFMM.

To start the day my little sister and I tried to run to Ghostrider but unlike SFMM everyone was telling us to walk.  So we did.  We still got on the first train and we even got the very back seat.  I have never had so much air time in my life!  I've always loved steel coasters more than wood but maybe that is because I've never ridden a good woody like Ghostrider before.  I rode Ghostrider 5 times and I give the ride a 10/10 but the back gets a 10+!  Great Ride.  My sisters even bought a photo because they liked it so much.

Then we headed to the back and rode the log flume.  Very good flume.  I just wish the last drop was a little bigger and that you actually got wet. 

Boomerang..This was my first ever Bommerang and I really liked it.  Going backwards through the loop and cobra roll are great.  9/10

Supreme Scream...LOVED it!  I rode this so many times that I lost count.  S&S is the best.

My little sister and I went to ride Montazoomaz Revenge and Jaguar but they weren't open so we rode the swinging ship, swings, and the Hat Dance!  I spun that little hat so fast that I made myself sick.  After the ride a lady asked us if we were spinning the ride or if the ride actually made us spin that fast. 

Mantezooma finally opened and we got a backrow seat.  Nice launch and I always love the feeling of going backwards on a coaster.  9/10

Jaguar opened later in the day.  It is set up nice and takes you all over the place.  I wasn't expecting a whole lot so I thought it was a good family ride.  My family was pretty disappointed though.  6/10

Since Knott's took out Windjammer it only has five coasters and I wanted to ride them all.  It took me forever to convince my sisters to go and wait for timberline twister.  I was quite surprised how good this little coaster was.  I was actually just over the height limit for this ride but they didn't care.  This little coaster gives some nice quick pops of air and doesn't do your normal little circle like most kid coasters.  For a kiddie coaster I give it a 10/10.

Other rides...
Hammerhead...a good ride but I wanted it to go faster and I wanted the fountains to soak us. 

I was sad that Knott's hasn't fixed the Plunge yet.  My family couldn't believe the drop on that thing. 
River Rapids...This was a great ride.  It went fast though the rapids and it was a good length.  We never got really wet.

We watched the xtreme wheels show they have and though it was great.  Check that out while your there.  My family also liked the frozen lemonade more there than at SFMM. 

Overall Knott's is a great park with really nice employees.  I guess they have to be when they are in such a competition with Disney being right next to them practically.  It was clean and I thought most of their rides were really good quality.  It will be nice when they have there new Vertigo and coaster to help thin out the crowds.  We stayed from 9 am to midnight with our last ride on Ghostrider.  That coaster was fast and furious at night!!!!

*** This post was edited by S&SFAN on 8/20/2001. ***

*** This post was edited by S&SFAN on 8/20/2001. ***

Monday, August 20, 2001 10:00 AM
That was a great trip report!! It definitely sounds like you had fun, especially for your first time!!
Devon Lamar Jackson
Monday, August 20, 2001 11:03 AM
It's truly a shame that the plunge is still's so hot out too! I'm glad you had a good time on everything else, though!

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