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You won't regret it. But book your hotel room NOW!
Don't need a hotel room....I'm close enough that I can do the trip there and back with no problems. I just hope I can get that day off of work and maybe the next day to nurse the aching body from riding Phoenix and Twister all night. Ehehehehe...

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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No, I wasn't breaking any laws. :)

Beware of Tub #3. It is very hard to keep under control! lol

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Long live the Big Bad Wolf

Regarding PPP, it should be said that ERT isn't very E as anyone can ride with tickets, plus it isn't like you have to be a club member or anything to get the PPP handstamp. But still, like they say, you can't buy atmosphere. Because there will be large numbers of enthusiasts there, you will see lots of hard Flyer action, lots of hard bumper car action, lots of adults riding the world's only launched kiddie coaster :) I only mention this in case someone reads "ERT" and expects a marathon re-ride session or something, because I've seen people complaining unduly about it in years past. The only true downer about it is that the haunted car ride, which only operates after dark, gets an absurd line which cuts into your riding time for other things. So get the flyers and bumper cars out of your system during the day so you have more coaster time at night. (We locals ride the cars the following Saturdays before Halloween when the park opens them and the Phoenix in the evening as an extension of the haunted house that the local firefighters operate at the gun club down the road.)

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